Dann Foley: Natural Woods, Neutral Linens Are All the Rage

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My goal is to help every person who reads this new feature to live a better life, today.

Here are three things you need to remember.

  • Style is all around us.
  • Style can be found in everything you come into contact with.
  • Living Well does take some effort.

Style is personal and what works for some may not work for all. But, we can all make decisions based on what is being offered. Personal style is developed over time and is constantly changing.

Every home should be a personal reflection of those who live there. I recently returned from the Las Vegas World Furniture Market where I previewed all of the latest trends and products.

And the best part is I get to share it with you before it comes your way in stores, boutiques and online.

Natural woods and finishes and neutral linen continue to be the rage on every piece of furniture and accessory at home.  Think Restoration Hardware and you will get the idea.

As a designer myself, I want to offer my clients more than just a catalog reprint of a room.  How can you make this look more personal?

Contrast. Black is the perfect mate! Try painting your interior doors black, they will stand out against all the neutral and create a rich and sophisticated finish to every room.


Family photos. Everyone uses them to decorate, in this case I might choose to use all simple black wood frames to display family photos.  For maximum impact, make sure to group the photos together on a tabletop or on the wall.  The repetition of the frames and finish will give you more visual impact and make the photos more noticeable.


Rugs in bold patterns & colors. This is a huge trend! The patterns are more modern and graphic and over scaled and the colors are vibrant! They can be mixed with the most traditional settings and pieces to give them a fresh feel. Or, try them with the most contemporary settings to give them a kick-in-the-pants shot of color and pattern. These rugs are even available for indoor/outdoor use.


These exciting trends are a great way to enliven any room in an instant. It is sort of like a mini-facelift without the recovery time.

You can even try layering all of these ideas to see just how exciting and personalized your home can be!

Live Well!

Dann Foley has been a Palm Springs interior designer for more than 20 years. Dann was featured earlier this year on NBC's "American Dream Builders". His monthly column will focus on trends, what's hot and design specific to the desert lifestyle. Visit www.danninc.com for more information.

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