April 1983

Regular Features
40Publisher's Letter: Fitness Is No Longer A Fad / By Milton W. Jones
42Comment: Bouquets And Brickbats From Readers
44Sandscript: Awards For Those Who Least Expect Them / By Bob Vivian
46Psl Informant: Coming Events, Gossip And Other News
48The Sporting Life: How To Grow Muscles And Love Them / By Steve Delsohn
52Closeups: Painters, Pulchritude, Plus A Magician And More
81Beauty: Spring Is Bubbling Over With Color / By Carol Lee Roden
119Palm Springs Life's Guide: A List Of What's Best To See And Do / By Jill Borak
185Books & Authors: Behind The Scenes In A Hospital Plus The Best In Health & Beauty / By Roy Newquist
188Gallery Scene: A Preview Of The Month's Leading Exhibits
189Stocks: The Importance Of Doing Your Homework / By Robert A. Mamis
191Tax Talk: Explaining The Unexplainable: Income Tax / By Howard Gordon
197Around Town: Happenings And Parties And Beautiful People / By Rosemary Cox
210Estates & Properties: It's A Fine Time To Buy
212Shopper's Bazaar: Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
Special Interest
57Patient, Heal Thyself: New Ideas About Individual Responsibility In Health / By Sharon Apfelbaum
63Health & Beauty Tips From The Stars: What Made Them Beautiful And How They Remain That Way / By Roy Newquist
68Pretty Baby: Palm Springs' Own Diana Barton Muses On Success / By Jeff Gale
74The Greatest Face On Earth: For A Great Uplift, Try A Facelift / By Norma Lee Browning
77Drastic Diets: Some Last-ditch Efforts For Determined Dieters / By Marian Montgomery
87Rodeo Drive: Our Annual Visit To The Street Of Golden Dreams
183Interview: Mayor Frank Bogert Answers A Few Questions / By Bob Vivian
193California Wine Country: How It All Began / By Robert Lawrence Balzer
194The Demarest Classic Honor Roll

ABOUT THE COVER: Homegrown Diana Barton, now an international high-fashion model who jets about the world, and visits the Fitness Club of Palm Springs, exhibits a little of the health and beauty for which she is famous. Club member Ross Graham shows appropriate interest in Diana and her fashions selected from The Dance Centre in Palm Springs. Photography by Sid Noles.

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