April 1998

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Too Much of a Good Thing is.... Wonderful! The Casa de Liberace remains one of the most lavish examples of Palm Springs
libertine architecture. And a heck of a party house. Until this month, few ousiders got in for a peek.

Suited to Danger
Photography by Richard Reinsdorf, Winston West. How much excitement can swimsuits stand? We put them to the test in this armedand dangerous fashion layout.


Palm Springs Life's exciting 40th Anniversary Year

includes a special keepsake photography issue in April of 1998. Don't miss our definitive photo history of Hollywood at play, a gallery of our most cherished covers from Bob Hope to Sharon Stone plus society photos, stunning historical homes and fashion from the 50's to the 90's.

About The Cover:

Can just one image sum up 40 years of extraordinary publishing ? We didn't think so, either. We asked Palm Springs computer artist Hal lester (last seen in the October 1997 issue) to weave some of our more famous covers into an in-your-face celebration. He chose this 3-D imagery, a way to look forward and backward at the same time.

You Saw It In Palm Springs Life

Take a nostalgic trip through four decades of ultra lifestyle. We've culled some of the best photos, most relevant stories and proudest moments and created a mosaic we hope stirs memories.
Palm Springs Life

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