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Visionary - Gary Honts

When Gary Honts, CEO and president of JFK Memorial Hospital, recruits physicians, he sells them on the hospital’s superior quality as well as the resort lifestyle they can enjoy in the Coachella Valley.
2013.09.27 01:38 PM

Visionary - Dr. Joseph Scherger

The proliferation of primary medicine and urgent care centers in the Coachella Valley might be the area’s hottest — and most noticeable — story of the past few years.
2013.09.27 01:28 PM

Visionary - Dr. René Dell’Acqua

After graduating from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, Dr. René Dell’Acqua opened her dental practice in the Coachella Valley to offer “five-star care in a five-star city.”
2013.09.27 12:35 PM

Visionary - Carolyn Caldwell

When Carolyn Caldwell was researching a career move, Desert Regional Medical Center impressed her. “It is truly comprehensive,” she says. “We are the only Level II Trauma Center in the Coachella Valley, we deliver more than 3,000 babies every year, and we have a comprehensive cancer center.
2013.09.27 12:29 PM

Visionary - Dr. Scott Aaronson

“The Palm Springs area has been great for my practice,” says Dr. Scott Aaronson, a board-certified plastic surgeon.
2013.09.27 12:13 PM

Pathways for the Next Generation

Coachella Valley Economic Partnership’s Workforce Excellence programs start at the end goal — filling the labor market with skilled employees in high-wage growth sectors.
2013.09.27 10:03 AM

Fit as a Fiddle

Increasing choices in primary care, a growing field of specialists, and medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology ensures that residents of Greater Palm Springs have access to excellent care.
2013.09.25 01:26 PM

Bhagwan Moorjani, M.D. - Top Doctors 2013

“Ever since I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a doctor,” says Dr. Bhagwan Moorjani, the Coachella Valley’s only board-certified pediatric neurologist. “The brain always fascinated me, and I love children.
2013.06.24 09:12 AM

Farhad Limonadi, M.D. - Top Doctors 2013

Director of Neurosurgery, Eisenhower Neurosciences Institute Chair, Brain Tumor Board, Eisenhower Medical Center
2013.06.24 09:12 AM

Marla Lander, M.D. - Top Doctors 2013

Dr. Marla Lander chose a career in medicine because the body has always intrigued her. “I wanted to know how it worked and how to cure it when it was sick,” she says.
2013.06.24 09:12 AM

Shahriyar Tavakoli, M.D. - Top Doctors 2013

2013.06.24 09:12 AM

Peter Przekop, D.O., PH.D. - Top Doctors 2013

A trailblazer in the field of pain management. Invited to join the Betty Ford Center in 2008, he launched a groundbreaking, 45-day, medication-free program to help patients overcome chronic pain.
2013.06.24 09:11 AM

James Bell, M.D., PH.D. - Top Doctors 2013

Orthopedics, says Dr. James Bell, “really intrigued me in medical school. It was enjoyable, putting things back together.
2013.06.24 09:11 AM

Solid Solutions

“I knew my customer was far too savvy to buy something simply because it had my name on it. If she does, it’s because I have worked hard to gain her trust…
2012.03.30 02:18 PM

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