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Skylark Hotel Palm Springs Restores Vintage Look

The term “a hidden gem” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s a literal description of the Skylark Hotel located in the Palm Springs Uptown Design District.
2014.04.23 02:26 PM

Own a Piece of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

Own a piece of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, the first hotel to be crowdfunded by an online property marketplace.
2014.04.16 09:41 AM

Hotel Lautner Takes You Back to Mid-20th Century

Time travel has never been more fun touring the Hotel Lautner, which sits at the end of a quiet residential street in Desert Hot Springs.
2014.03.05 04:54 PM

Genius: Willows Inn Reincarnates Vintage Palm Springs

The Willows Historic Inn's guest list in its previous incarnation included Albert Einstein, and its modern version maintains that historic heritage in Palm Springs.
2013.12.07 10:12 PM

City Profiles - Rancho Mirage

It requires little more than a glance at a Coachella Valley map to see that the City of Rancho Mirage occupies an enviable spot. If a gigantic bull’s-eye were to be placed over the center of the valley, Rancho Mirage would easily rest inside.
2013.09.30 09:46 AM

City Profiles - Palm Springs

2013 marks the 75th anniversary of the city of Palm Springs — and it has been another spectacular year to remember for Southern California’s most legendary resort playground!
2013.09.30 09:29 AM

City Profiles - Palm Desert

Palm Desert and its economy are on the move, with building activity accelerating at an exhilarating pace not seen in years.
2013.09.30 08:57 AM

City Profiles - La Quinta

In the past year, the City of La Quinta has experienced a resurgence in economic development activity — demonstrating that the Gem of the Desert remains a prime destination for work, play and quality of life.
2013.09.30 08:45 AM

City Profiles - Indio

Talk about magnetic pull. All those vehicles hurtling towards Indio along Interstate 10 have heard the buzz. They know Indio is the place where things are happening right now.
2013.09.30 08:29 AM

City Profiles - Coachella

While the global economic outlook has shifted over the past several years, Coachella continues to offer the best value proposition for residents and investors in the Coachella Valley.
2013.09.30 07:57 AM

City Profiles - Indian Wells

Some 100 miles east of Los Angeles, yet a world apart, lies Indian Wells, Calif., an extraordinary residential and resort community nestled at the foothills of the picturesque Santa Rosa Mountains.
2013.09.30 07:45 AM

City Profiles - Cathedral City

Many year-round and seasonal residents make Cathedral City their home while others come to find what they need because this centrally located city has it all.
2013.09.30 07:40 AM

Visionary - Denise Wilson

When Denise Wilson decided to parlay her passion for flying into a small business, even she underestimated the possibilities for her fledgling charter jet service company.
2013.09.27 01:38 PM

Sleep in Marilyn Monroe's Room at Rendezvous Palm Springs

The Rendezvous Palm Springs once was a “getaway” for movie star-sex symbol Marilyn Monroe during the 1950s from her regular residence at The Racquet Club of Palm Springs.
2013.09.02 09:45 PM

Colony Palms Hotel: Private, Spacious Palme d'Or Residence

The two-story, 1,800-square foot Palme d’Or Residence makes you forget the Colony Palms Hotel is situated on one of the busier thoroughfares of downtown Palm Springs.
2013.08.26 09:32 PM

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