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Explore Palm Springs: Darryl F. Zanuck Estate

Home to movie mogul Darryl F. Zanuck for decades, this substantial estate was built in 1935 in the Movie Colony neighborhood.
2014.04.02 10:48 AM

Pioneers of the Honky-Tonk

Harriet Allen Lefevre, one of the original owners of Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, reminisces about the famed roadhouse’s rootsy beginnings.
2014.03.28 09:52 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Sunset Limited Arrives

Led by the brand new E9 locomotive, the Sunset Limited arrived in the Palm Springs Station on March 6, 1955.
2014.03.26 04:28 PM

Pearl Harbor Documentary Lets Veterans Say, "One Last Goodbye"

"Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye", which screens March 16 at the Palm Springs Air Museum, focuses on six survivors who return for the 70th anniversary of the attack.
2014.03.14 10:04 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Oasis Hotel to Palm Mountain Resort & Spa

The pool and spa at the Palm Mountain Resort & Spa have maintained their original shape from the former Oasis Hotel in 1964.
2014.03.05 10:38 AM

Explore Palm Springs: 1938 Flood

More than 75 years ago, Palm Springs was just about under water, which is in stark contrast to today's drought.
2014.02.26 04:00 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Celebrate President's Day

From Herbert Hoover to Barack Obama, the Palm Springs area has a history of attracting sitting presidents.
2014.02.17 02:09 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Thomas O'Donnell

Thomas O'Donnell's Palm Springs home built in the 1920s later became the clubhouse at the O'Donnell Golf Club.
2014.02.12 11:23 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Palm Springs International Airport

Up until 1950, then Palm Springs Municipal Airport covered a larger area than New York’s La Guardia Airport.
2014.02.05 02:35 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Alcott Home

Franklyn Alcott Jr. and his wife Polly built their Palm Springs home in 1925, which stands today and is occupied in the Mesa neighborhood.
2014.01.29 10:59 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Flood of January 1969

During a period of just three days in January 1969, more than 3.25 inches of rain flooded the streets and homes of Palm Springs.
2014.01.22 04:15 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Frank Sinatra Honors Father With Medical Library

Frank Sinatra raised the money to build the Martin Anthony Sinatra Medical Education Library in Palm Springs to honor his father.
2014.01.15 11:07 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Shirley Temple Bungalow

In December of 1937, 9-year-old Shirley Temple christened a bungalow the “Shirley Temple Bungalow" at her favorite vacationing spot, The Desert Inn in Palm Springs.
2013.12.11 10:57 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Snow? In Palm Springs? Yes, It Has

Contradicting everything you have been taught about weather in the desert oasis, it has snowed in Palm Springs.
2013.12.04 03:42 PM

Art of the City

Early landscape painters propelled the Palm Springs artists’ colony and transformed the area into a destination for the creative set
2013.11.27 07:40 AM

Explore Palm Springs: William Gargan

Palm Springs resident and actor William Gargan appeared in his first film in 1928, and by 1940 he had appeared in more than 55 motion pictures.
2013.11.20 03:39 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Katherine Siva Saubel

Katherine Siva Saubel became the dominant interpreter of Cahuilla history and culture in the Coachella Valley area.
2013.11.13 04:23 PM

Architecture Shows Seasonal Changes Happen in Palm Springs

In any climate, good planning and design account for environmental conditions and ecological soundness, so it stands to reason desert modernism responded to natural regional stimuli.
2013.11.13 12:08 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Date Groves

Many date groves were planted during the early days of Pal Springs, and they quickly became one of city's most popular commodities.
2013.11.06 04:12 PM

Palm Springs Air Museum Puts a Piece of History Back Together

A team at the Palm Springs Air Museum has been busy putting an F-105 fighter airplane back together in time for the museum’s 17th anniversary celebration.
2013.11.04 07:40 AM

The Heart of the City

For almost a century, city pioneers, Hollywood celebrities, and the fun-loving people of Palm Springs made Palm Canyon Drive a boulevard of dreams
2013.10.31 08:58 AM

Uncorking the Bottleneck

The mayor and a developer recall the wine summit that is now transforming downtown Palm Springs. Red wine played a big part in the coming rebirth of downtown Palm Springs.
2013.10.31 08:58 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Los Compadres Deep Pit Barbecue

In the spirit of the “Old West,” Los Compadres Ranch will celebrate Palm Springs' western heritage with a barbeque fundraiser Nov. 2.
2013.10.30 11:01 AM

Community Church Fire Brings Architecture's Value to Forefront

The recent fire to Community Church in Palm Springs is a reminder of the precarious nature of architectural assets and the impact of their alteration, damage, or loss.
2013.10.10 02:47 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Canyon Country Club

The Canyon Country Club included a posh $1.5 million clubhouse and championship 18-hole golf course when it officially opened in October 1962.
2013.10.09 03:21 PM

Explore Palm Springs: Deepwell Neighborhood

Near where the Deepwell neighborhood now sits off East Palm Canyon Drive in South Palm Springs was once a very popular destination: Deep Well Guest Ranch.
2013.10.03 03:25 PM

A Healthy Outcome at El Mirador

El Mirador Hotel opened its doors on New Year’s Eve, 1928, and quickly became a hot spot for Hollywood stars and the corporate elite.
2013.10.01 07:57 AM

Flying High at PSP

It began as a single dirt runway in the 1920s, grew and changed with the city of Palm Springs, and now thrives as a chic, tourist-friendly airport with international connections.
2013.10.01 07:57 AM

Pioneers & Influencers

Palm Springs attracts important people like desert shade draws roadrunners on a scorching day. It’s always been that way.
2013.10.01 07:57 AM

Explore Palm Springs: Wee Willager Weekly

Staff members of the Wee Willager Weekly wrote local news and conducted interviews with prominent Palm Springs community members.
2013.09.17 11:12 AM

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