August 1981

Regular Features
12Publisher's Letter: Here's To The Good Life / By Milton W. Jones
14Comment: Suggestions And Opinions From Psl Readers
16Sandscript: Strange Creatures Of The Early Hours / By Bob Vivian
18Psl Informant: News & Asides On Town Happenings
20Closeups: People Do The Most Interesting Things
33Cosmetique: Good Things For Your Skin / By Maggi Miller
34Fashion: For Wardrobes On-the-go / By Maggi Miller
49Palm Springs Life's Guide: Summer Tips On What To Do
97Astrological Forecast: Leo Has A Lot To Roar About / By Jean Farman
104Gallery Scene: A Fine Artist To Note
105Books & Authors: The Writing Policeman Strikes Again / By Roy Newquist
109Stocks: Making Sense Of The P/e Concept / By Justin And Robert Mamis
111Tax Talk: Estates & How To Plan Them / By Howard Gordon
113Around Town: A Great Year Winds Up / By Rosemary Cox
Special Interest
25The Collector Cars Sleek, Beautiful And Priceless / By William Hemmerdinger
31La Famiglia Di Ferrari Superb Status Cars For The '80s / By Thomas Whittingslow & Bill Vernor
41Island Paradises: The Magic Still Exists In Fiji & Tahiti / By Irene Parikhal & Sue Fleishman
99Mansions At Sea: Luxury Is Not Land-bound / By Dolly Maw
103Traveling The Skyways?: Have We Got A Plane For You / By Margo Fox

ABOUT THE COVER: Actress and model Lori McGinley of the Cindy Romano Finishing School & Modeling Agency proves that love is a many-splendored Ferrari. Photo by Sidney Moles. Ferrari 308 GTSi courtesy of Ferrari North America.


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