Recipe for Honey and Lime Cured Yellowtail

Fine fair and local ingredients are featured in recipes from San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado restaurant 1500 Ocean.

Honey and Lime Cured Yellowtail
With Avocado Mousse and Jalapeño Jelly

Serves 4

For the yellowtail
1lb.    Yellowtail tuna, sashimi grade and cleaned of bloodline
3oz.    Kosher salt
2    Limes, zested (reserve lime juice for use later)
4oz.    Honey

Lay tuna on plastic wrap triple the size of fish. Season the fish with salt and rub with the lime zest. Pour honey over fish and roll the wrap very tightly. Let cure for at least 6 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. Remove from plastic and slice thinly.

For the avocado mousse
1 Avocado
1 Lime, juiced
3T. Water
Salt to taste

In a blender, combine avocado, juice from one lime, and water. Add water as needed while blending to a smooth but airy paste. Season with salt and additional lime juice if needed.

For the jalapeño jelly
5 Jalapeños
1 Red bell pepper, small
1⁄2 Red onion
1⁄4c. Water
1⁄4c. Sugar
1⁄4c. White wine vinegar
1⁄4sheet Gelatin, softened in cold water to cover

Seed and julienne jalapeños; turn 90 degrees and dice. Seed, julienne, and dice red pepper. Julienne and dice onion. Place vegetables, water, sugar, and vinegar in a pot. Heat on high until one-quarter of the liquid remains. Remove from heat, stir in gelatin, and allow to cool.

4oz. Jicama, thinly sliced
2 Radishes, thinly sliced
Salt to taste
Olive oil to taste
Cilantro leaves to garnish

Spoon avocado mousse on a plate. Roll half the tuna slices and set aside. Lay flat pieces of tuna beside mousse. Toss jicama and radish with salt and olive oil and spread over tuna. Top with rolled tuna slices and garnish with cilantro leaves. Spoon jalapeño jelly on plate around the fish.

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