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Palm Springs Life Cover Archive 2009 November

Palm Springs Life Cover Archive 2009 November

On The Cover:
Jim Casey as René Magritte’s Le fils de l’homme.
Photography by Mark Davidson.


Making His Mark
Jim Casey has introduced a series of intimate dinners to his company’s support of desert charities
By Janice Kleinschmidt.
Photography by Mark Davidson.

Thanksgiving Spice
What better way to celebrate our country’s rich culture than by fusing a traditional American holiday with flavors from other countries?
By Maryann Ridini Spencer.
Photography By Taylor Sherrill.


Coming to Fruition
At Fresno State, students learn to make and market wine.
By Janice Kleinschmidt.


Editor’s Letter
For charities, money is the message.
By Steven Biller.

O’Donnell Golf Club, Bette King’s fundraising concert, Coachella Valley Housing Coalition helping kids,and Intelligencer.
By Janice Kleinschmidt.

Picasso at Heather James Fine Art, Alex Couwenberg at Royale Projects.
By Carol Cheh and Steven Biller.

San Francisco’s North Beach reflects our country’s growth and cultural diversity.
By Sharon Apfelbaum.

The Social Life
Parties, openings, fundraisers, and other events.
By Gloria Greer.

Boots for those who make and break laws.
By Sherryl Nova.


Social Datebook & Charity Register
The essential guide to the Coachella Valley’s charities and fundraising events.
Edited by Olga Reyes.

Desert Guide
The official guidebook of the Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority. Everything you need to know about what’s happening in the desert.
Edited by Janice Kleinschmidt.

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