December 2001

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Art: Conquering Outer Space
By Nancy Torascio.
Meet the newest art gallery in Palm Desert, Buschlen Mowatt, specializing in siting sculptures in large outdoor venues. A whole new roster of world-class artists comes to town with this Vancouver-based gallery's entry into our art-loving market.


The Big Caper - Ocean's 11

Desert's 11

By Howard Johns. Photography from Hollywood Memories. Sure Clooney and Pitt and Damon and Roberts are superstars but they've got quite large shoes to fill with their rendition of Ocean's Eleven. Read how Sinatra, Martin, Lawford, Davis and Dickinson lived their superstar lives in the desert and created the classic original Ocean's Eleven.


Interview by Stewart Weiner. Photography by Bob Marshak. Rancho Mirage's Jerry Weintraub, world-class manager, Broadway angel and movie producer, comes back with a roar: His remake of the classic Rat Pack caper-flick Ocean's Eleven promises to be his biggest hit yet. He relaxes for a few minutes between publicity interviews and discusses his life in the desert.
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