February 1982

Regular Features
46Publisher's Letter: Counting Our Blessings / By Milton W. Jones
48Comment: The Reader's Point Of View
50Sandscript: An Historical Review / By Bob Vivian
52Psl Informant: What's Up, Doc?
56Closeups: Cameos Of Interesting People
71Fashion: Fit And Fanciful / By Maggi Miller
87Cosmetique: The Lowdown On Cellulite / By Maggi Miller
164Art: Jose Salazar: Vibrant Teacher And Artist / By William Hemmerdinger
166Gallery Scene: This Month's Art Reviews
173Palm Springs Life's Guide: A Handbook Of Things To Do / By Jill Borak
254Books & Authors: How To Pick Your Antiques / By Roy Newquist
256Stocks: Raising The Question Of The Gold Standard / By Justin And Robert Mamis
261Tax Talk: Everything You Wanted To Know About Estate Planning / By Howard Gordon, Cpa
261Ask Eliot Janeway: Economic Queries From Our Readers / By Eliot Janeway
263Around Town: Reports On The Season's Fun / By Rosemary Cox
277Estates & Properties: The Finest Selection Available
278Shopper's Bazaar: The Pick Of The Shops
Special Interest
61Victoria Principal: Love Is Best / By Tom Ardies
65About Face: The Latest In Skin Treatments / By Mary Blaber
79Cringe Not At The Call To Cocktails: Low-cal Munchies / By Sharon Apfelbaum
83What Kind Of Goo Do You Put On You?: Doing What Comes Naturally / By Margo Fox
89To Feel Good, Go To A Bad: Exotic And Healthy European Spas / By Dolly Maw
93Palm Desert Magazine: A Tip Of The Hat To Palm Desert
167Desert Museum Special: Here's To The Opening Of The Denney Western American Art Wing
247There's A Lot Of 'wow' In 90 Years: A Birthday Tribute To Bill Demarest / By Bob Vivian
251Oldies, But Goodies: A Grand Champions Tournament / By Bob Vivian

ABOUT THE COVER: If Victoria Principal does it, it has to be good. The Dallas star's photo by Harry Langdon.


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