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Naomi Kobrin Interior Design
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Naomi Kobrin says of all the rooms her bedroom most reflects her desire to feel a certain way. “It’s very Japanese but also extremely feminine — though not in a frou-frou way.” A gauzy canopy billows like a cloud over the bed while shoji screens open onto a koi pond. “In that space, I am very engaged with the outdoors,” a perfect pairing of the wilderness and a soft, feminine mystique.

Beautiful, sensual, and earthy are words that could describe Naomi and many examples of her design work. Statuesque yet approachable, this designer says the theme that weaves through all of her projects is an engagement with nature.

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve been dreaming of living in a forest,” she says. With dramatic spaces and ceiling heights, long, glass walls, and plenty of natural light, Naomi calls her house “the temple.” “The awe of temple architecture is the sensation of utter serenity and the instant shift of recognition that there is something bigger than oneself, something other than what you expect life to be. My home brings nature into the space in a way that is completely unexpected.” Naomi says the Zen design quality is so calming that her guests let out a deep sigh of relief when they walk through the door, sort of a greeting and a compliment all in one.

Having owned the home for five years, she has planted roots there longer than she has anywhere else. Several years ago, ready to move on, she put the home on the market. But every time she hosted an open house, she couldn’t get people to leave. She realized she didn’t want to either.

That moment of restlessness makes sense. Naomi has always liked to experience and manipulate a variety of spaces. At 27, Naomi suspended the furniture in her Brooklyn loft, a bold move avant garde enough to be featured by The New York Times. After she drilled holes in her furniture, her sofa, chairs, and tables all swayed and rocked several inches off the ground, dangling from elevated cables.

The fact is that she likes to build, craves it. “I love to decorate, but I am even more into the structure itself,” she says. “When I was little, I used to built forts with the boys. That is no different from what I do today, just on a larger scale.”

Favorite way to entertain:
Big dinner parties. “I love feeding people. If the party has a theme, even better.” She once hosted a dinner party for 16 that was entirely cooked on a vintage hibachi. “That meal was all about skewers.”

Favorite way to relax:
Hiking the Bump and Grind, one of her favorite morning desert routines.

Personal style:
Eclectic but very minimalist. Architecturally very exacting. A balance between the mathematical and the wildly creative.

Inspired by:
Japan and Japanese culture

A love of being barefoot. “I started off the photo shoot wearing a beautiful pair of high heels, but…”

Favorite object in her house:
A white rhinoscreous made of a rustic pottery with a thick, crackling glaze. “There is a madness to it that utterly thrills me. Why in the world would someone make something like this? I can’t pick it up by myself, it stands mid-thigh. But if my house were to burn, I’m sure I would find the strength.”

Why clients love her:
“I show up, I get the job done, and I really hear them. Even if they’re not telling me specifically in words, I listen to all the things they’re not telling me.”

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