July 1981

Regular Features
17Publisher's Letter: The Desert Reviewed / By Milton W. Jones
19Comment: Psl Readers Give Kudos And Corrections
22Sandscript: A Heavenly Indictment / By Bob Vivian
24Psl Informant: Things To Come And Things That Were
26Closeups: Desert Dwellers And What They Do
48Cosmetique: Summer Beauty Tips / By Maggi Miller
49Fashion: Going Western / By Maggi Miller
57Palm Springs Life's Guide: The Summer Scene Is Still Busy
105Astrological Forecast: A Guide To July / By Jean Farman
106Books & Authors: Dr. Pritikin Gives Weighty Advice / By Roy Newquist
109Tax Talk: A Look Inside The Irs / By Howard Gordon
111Stocks: Today's Best Bets / By Justin & Robert Mamis
113Gallery Scene: Something New On The Art Scene
115Around Town: Tennis Stars And Celebrities At The Franciscus Classic / By Rosemary Cox
Special Interest
31The Land Plan: Not Everyone Agrees On The Best / By Peter Aleshire
33Deep Canyon: Learning More About The Desert / By Peter Aleshire
37The Scenic Sea: A Many-splendored Thing / By Sharon Apfelbaum
40The Sand People: People Who Love The Desert / By Peter Aleshire
47Birds Of A Feather: Strange Birds These Audubon Folks / By Margo Fox

ABOUT THE COVER: The desert's subtle beauty is enhanced by the delicate blossoms of the hedgehog cacti. Photo by Dick Service.

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Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon Caption Contest

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