March 1981

Regular Features
49Publisher's Letter: Colgate-dinah Shore Is A Great Party / By Milton W. Jones
50Comment: Opinions And Suggestions From Psl Readers
54Sandscript: Getting Swept Away With The Sweepstakes / By Bob Vivian
56Psl Informant: News, Rumors, Facts And Observations
60Closeups: Interesting People You Should Get To Know
82Cosmetique: Wise Ways To Winterize Your Skin / By Maggi Miller
85Fashion: A Night On The Town In Palm Springs / By Maggi Miller
92Gallery Scene: Exhibits In Local Galleries
94Art: Emily Burns And Don Irwin: Gifted Landscape Artists / By William Hemmerdinger
96Art: Richard Danskin: Artist On A Personal Odyssey / By Mary Blaber
113Palm Springs Life's Guide: Where To Go, What To Do
178Astrological Forecast: Perky Pisces People Are Filled With Energy / By Jean Farman
193Books & Authors: How To Succeed In Business The Nice Way / By Roy Newquist
196Stocks: How Will The World End? By Justin And Robert Mamis
201Tax Talk: Last Minute Income Tax Thoughts / By Howard Gordon
215Around Town: A Spectacular Inauguration / By Virginia Moran
Special Interest
65All Palm Springs Is A Stage: For A Month-long Shakespeare Festival / By Sharon Apfelbaum
69Light The Candles: Colgate-dinah Shore Celebrates 10th Anniversary / By Bob Vivian
73Here's To The Winners: Some Reflections On Finishing First / By Jim Short
76Mission Hills Course Layout: Descriptions Of Each Hole For The Tournament
79Lpga ... As In Volpe: Ladies Professional Golf Association's Commissioner / By Tony Shultz
109Bigger Than Life: Frank Bogert: From Horse Wrangler To Mayor / By Arthur Lyons
180Horsing Around: Polo No Longer Belongs Only To The Idle Rich / By Constance Walsh
185A Whole Lot Of Love: Children's Village Usa/by Helena Zukowski
Homes Garden:
99My Favorite Room: Six Interior Designers Choose Theirs/by Sharon Apfelbaum

ABOUT THE COVER: For 10 years, we've been doing an annual Colgate-Dinah Shore issue and for most of those 10 years, lovely Dinah has graced our cover. Why tamper with success?


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Cartoon Caption Contest

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Enter to Win A Celebrate Dance Experience!

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