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Cornerstone Dentistry

Map74000 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92260
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The Premier Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center in the Valley

By June Allen Corrigan

Just as a cornerstone is key to a building’s foundation, so too is a healthy smile key to overall good health and well being. This is the guiding principle behind Cornerstone Dentistry and what drives its highly skilled team of reconstructive dentists in both the surgical placement of dental implants and during the restorative phase.

Many individuals have no idea how intricately woven dental health is with issues such as sleep apnea, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, and low testosterone levels, to name a few. With so much at stake besides healthy teeth, Cornerstone Dentistry employs a comprehensive approach with every dental examination they undertake.

Founder Dr. Allen Nazeri likes to draw parallels between his brand of dentistry and the home building process. “Everything really starts with a blueprint,” he says. “Just look like building a house, we start with a two dimensional blueprint of what a smile should like when we’re done. From there, we go through a series of tests and diagnostic tools to better understand how we’re going to take that two dimensional smile design and make it a reality.” This type of dentistry can be as involved as building a home and can only be achieved by highly competent dentists with vast experience treating complex cases.

Parallels to housing don’t end there. There’s a feeling of entering a home the moment you first step foot in their offices — a beautifully furnished home at that. Forget the clinical atmosphere so typical of other dental practices. At Cornerstone Dentistry, initial anxieties over the nature of your visit ebb as you take in the surroundings. Comfortably overstuffed chairs and sofas, a crystal chandelier, colorful area rug, soothing artwork and conversation-worthy collectibles provide a warm welcome eclipsed only by the friendly and competent staff who come forward to greet you.

Before satisfied patient Mary Bruno came to Cornerstone Dentistry, she confesses she was absolutely terrified of dental offices and dentists. “But then, during my initial visit, I found the staff to be so genuinely warm and friendly, they helped me get over my nervousness,” she says. Mary’s husband Tony backs her up, adding: “The most important thing for us was the level of professionalism we witnessed that first day — it was unlike anything we’d seen anywhere else. Nobody offered the same degree of completeness — from the CT scan all the way through to discussions.” Mary needed a full-mouth reconstruction including 11 implants. There was no question in either of the Brunos’ minds that Cornerstone Dentistry was the solution.

Cornerstone Dentistry’s team of well schooled and extremely competent dentists take pride in the quality of care they’re able to provide. The scope of their work assures solidly predictable results. The team consists of Drs. Luis Vigliarolo, Kimberly Caldwell, Mark Kramer and Philip Chin. They’re led by Dr. Allen Nazeri, whose unconventional approach to quality care and exceptional dental facilities have been applauded by both fans and critics alike.

From the two-doctor consultations that are a hallmark of the practice all the way through to their team approach to surgery and reconstructive dentistry, Cornerstone Dentistry sets a precedence for group practice. They never value quantity over quality. Quick examinations may be routine elsewhere but at Cornerstone they favor a more relaxed approach. Patients receive an unhurried, thorough examination in keeping with the Cornerstone’s exemplary standard of care.

Cornerstone Dentistry is the only group practice of its kind and offers three convenient Southern California locations: Palm Desert, Irvine and Glendale. All its doctors have been recognized by the International Congress of Implantology as either a Fellow or a Master. This highly regarded recognition is awarded to only a handful of accomplished dentists in the field of implantology throughout the world.

Cornerstone Dentistry also prides itself in the ability to do most, if not all the work involved in complex reconstructive cases under one roof. “It’s important because then we have control over the quality of treatment from A to Z,” says Dr. Nazeri. “So often patients come in frustrated. They’ve been referred from one office to another. They’re stressed over the travel, engaging with other dentists involved, and there’s too much miscommunication. Because we do all the services in one location, we’re ultimately responsible for every aspect of treatment — from surgery to the restorative process — so we can really focus on quality.” End result? Treatment predictability dramatically improves. In addition, patients are able to save substantial amounts of money. “We offer a lot of value to patients, even those lacking dental insurance.”

When patients embark upon their individualized treatment plans, they rest assured that a whole range of anesthetic options are available, ranging from oral sedation to an in-house anesthesiologist, and if required, general anesthesia in an affiliated, certified and approved hospital surgical facility. They can expect a complimentary shuttle ride the day of their surgery, and following it, a concierge level of service including such perks as medication pickup and delivery of an appropriate meal to their home.

Tony Bruno still marvels at the incredible level of follow-up his wife received in wake of her surgery. For her part, Mary says: “I didn’t realize prior to having my mouth redone, I never smiled. Once the reconstruction was complete, I was a new person — a totally new person. I’m very happy with everything that was done and all the attention paid to me.”

Call and make an appointment at Cornerstone Dentistry today. The practice is pleased to welcome the many Canadian patients who travel from points north and would like to remind out-of-towners of their proximity to such major attractions as Disneyland, Universal Studios and of course-, the golf mecca-, Palm Springs.

• Palm Desert — 760-674-0303
• Glendale — 818-957-3030
• Irvine — 949-789-0303

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