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Eisenhower Imaging Center

Map39000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
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The Clear Choice

By Louise Fasana

Not all imaging centers are created equal. While an X-ray, CT (computed tomography), or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a standard of any healthcare evaluation, high-tech, expensive imaging equipment varies. . . . and most importantly, the physicians who "read" these important tests vary as well.

What most individuals do not realize is that when it comes to their imaging, even routine X-rays, they do have a choice. You can choose the best. Eisenhower Imaging Center is, quite simply, the best.

Eisenhower Imaging Center is the premier imaging center in the Coachella Valley. With 18 board-certified radiologists specializing in every human organ, system, and numerous interventional procedures, Eisenhower Imaging Center manages the most difficult cases, the most unusual diagnoses, the most unique physical anomalies, and the most delicate image-guided interventions.

"You should ask who is the 'man behind the curtain," explains Brian Herman, MD, co-medical director of Eisenhower Imaging Center, referring to your radiologist. "You need to care. You owe it to yourself. After all, no one loves you like you do."

Exuding passion for all things imaging, Dr. Herman and members of the Eisenhower Imaging team enumerate precisely why Eisenhower Imaging is the best. Being a part of Eisenhower Medical Center, the Imaging Center spends considerable time on quality assurance, internal assessments, and the cultivation of excellence. The Imaging Center is also a "show site" for Philips Medical Systems, keeping it on the cutting edge of imaging equipment and imaging software for the highest-quality images available — CT, MRI, Angiography, Ultrasound, Breast Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and PET (Position Emission Tomography).

Eisenhower Imaging Center also has three fellowship-trained, interventional radiologists: Mehran Elly, MD, PhD; Jerry Chang, MD; and Brian Herman, MD. Common interventional radiology procedures include angiography, angioplasty/stenting, biopsies, embolization, vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty, and acute stroke intervention. Neurointervention for stroke is only done in the Coachella Valley by the Eisenhower Imaging Center physicians. Research shows that people suffering a stroke who receive neurointervention (actively and immediately dissolving the clot or stopping the bleeding) rather than historical treatments are 50 to 60 percent more likely to live independently. The neurointervention provided by these gifted physicians during a stroke may make the difference between whether you are able to walk, talk, or function after the stroke.

Dr. Herman is the only physician in the Coachella Valley who is fellowship-trained in interventional neuroradiology — the minimally invasive treatment of vascular diseases of the brain, spine, head, and neck. This "man behind the curtain" provides crucial intervention for life-threatening aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, and intracranial vascular diseases — critical conditions that historically required surgery.

The subspecialized radiologists that review the imaging tests at the four convenient locations throughout the valley, cover all fields: oncology, neurovascular, women's health, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, and cardiovascular. "We have the top radiologists in their fields," shares Dr. Herman of the Eisenhower team. "We have dedicated mammographers, who read only mammograms and breast imaging. They do not look at feet or abdomens or brains — we have specialists for that — they look only at breast imaging. You should know who is reading your mammogram."

Mehran Elly, MD, PhD, chair, Eisenhower Medical Center Radiology, highlights the importance of the group's expertise. "When it comes to radiology, you don't want a generalist," says Dr. Elly, whose specialties include interventional radiology and cardiovascular radiology. "As medical imaging continues to be an increasingly important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, subspecialized radiologists are an integral part of a patient's healthcare team. The radiologist at a conventional imaging facility often has to be a jackof- all-trades. Here, every day, the multiple radiology specialists in our group find and identify a wide variety of health concerns early."

"Early detection saves lives," explains Dr. Herman. "It is true. It is proven." One of only 38 facilities in the world, Eisenhower Imaging Center with Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center recently participated in landmark research: the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program. IELCAP proved that a spiral CT can detect lung cancer in the earliest stages, when there are no symptoms but when it is most curable. The painless, 20-second scan can detect cancerous nodules that are too small to be seen on a chest X-ray and is the most effective screening exam for people at risk for lung cancer.

Eisenhower Imaging Radiologist Adam Brochert, MD, MBA, who specializes in reading breast MRIs in addition to other cancerdetection imaging, concurs. "Our highly trained imaging specialists and state-of-the-art technology save lives with early detection," says Dr. Brochert. "Breast MRI is the single-most valuable tool for breast imaging …and the most comprehensive," shares Dr. Brochert.

"Breast MRI can pick up what mammography and ultrasound may not show. We have absolutely found cancers that were missed on mammography and on ultrasound tests."

While breast MRIs are often used when breasts are difficult to image, very dense, or augmented, Eisenhower Imaging Center is now offering lower rates so that many people can choose a breast MRI. "A screening breast MRI takes only 20 minutes and has no radiation," explains Dr. Brochert. "It is the best test. And although breast MRIs are not routinely covered by insurance or Medicare, we believe that it is so important that we are making it affordable."

When it comes to imaging, you do have a choice. So, choose the best: Eisenhower Imaging Center.


39000 Bob Hope Drive
Lucy Curci Cancer Center - Lower Level
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

72780 Country Club Drive, #A106
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

151 S. Sunrise Way, #400
Palm Springs, CA 92262

45280 Seeley Drive, #100A
La Quinta, CA 92253

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