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Ellie Kheirkhahi-Love, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Map72780 Country Club Dr., Ste. 402
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
  • Dentistry-Periodontics


Dedicated To Surgical Innovation And Excellence

By Tommy Hodge

For the past 20 years, Dr. Ellie Kheirkhahi-Love has embraced advances in dental technology, incorporating them into her periodontal practice at the Advanced Periodontics Implant Center. Dr. Kheirkhahi- Love’s practice is dedicated to surgical innovation and excellence, allowing her to deliver the highest levels of service.

“Surgical techniques developed in the 1970s to the 1990s used to dominate,” Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love says. “But over the last 15 years, groundbreaking noninvasive surgical and nonsurgical technologies have resulted in less extensive procedures requiring shorter recovery times, with more predictable outcomes.”

On a guided tour of her facility, located in the Rancho Mirage Medical Center, Dr. Kheirkhahi- Love demonstrates technology that she uses daily. Her noninvasive periodontal endoscope is a revolutionary instrument for nonsurgical exploration of the area under the gum tissue. It allows her to examine the tooth’s root surface on a monitor and identify cracks, perforations, calculus, or disease under the gum.

From the standpoint of surgically replacing diseased teeth with dental implants, Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love explains, “We can perform specialized surgical procedures with a degree of precision and predictability unattainable 10 years ago.”

Next on the tour is a dedicated area for the center’s cone-beam CT scanner. This advanced imaging technology obtains a revolutionary degree of precision via rotating X-ray equipment. It offers Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love an undistorted 3-D view of the patient’s dentition for accurately visualizing tooth root orientation and jaw. Although a cone-beam CT scan is not needed for every patient, Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love considers it a standard of care when planning treatment for complex dental implants.

Although her commitment to cutting-edge technology is obvious, what really sets Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love’s practice apart is her strong belief in collaboration and education. “Communication among talented medical and dental professionals benefits my periodontic specialty. More importantly, it benefits the patient and those entrusted with a particular individual’s care.”

This philosophy prompted Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love to offer her dental facility as headquarters for a Collaborative Seminar Study Club. These dynamic seminars aim to align every member of the dental treatment team, encouraging mutual trust and values.

Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love and her dedicated staff pride themselves on limiting surgery to absolutely necessary cases and on treating the early stages of periodontitis primarily with nonsurgical methods.

However, for patients with advanced-stage periodontal disease, Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love builds the proper foundation for the placement of dental implants. This increases the success rate and longevity of the implants.

Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love and her staff aim for strong communication with patients, explaining customized treatment plans in great detail. “Our dedication to excellence is surpassed only by our commitment to patient satisfaction,” she says.

The practice’s desire to put patients at ease is apparent when they are ushered into a warm, welcoming consultation room instead of straight into a dental chair. “This is a nonthreatening environment where people can be comfortable sharing their hopes, fears, and desires to achieve dental health,” Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love says. To enhance privacy, the practice also maintains a separate office for patient finances away from the clinical areas.

The approachable environment definitely calmed patient Pamela Farmer at the start of her periodontal treatment. “When I walked into Dr. Love’s office, it felt like walking into a relative’s home. It was a very welcoming atmosphere,” she says. Patient Chuck Leachman was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love herself, checking on him the evening after his surgical procedure. “From the initial consultation to the actual procedure, it was obvious how much she and her staff cared,” he says.

Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver. She served her residency at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island and her periodontal residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She is a visiting faculty member of the Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Department of Advanced Periodontics, and volunteers at the University Health and Science Center and the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership.

Advanced Periodontics Implant Center
72780 Country Club Drive, Suite 402, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
760-836-1809 • www.DrEllieLove.com

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