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Hernandez Dental

Map81719 Dr. Carreon Blvd., Ste. C
Indio, CA 92201
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Frank A. Hernandez, D.D.S., F.I.B.O.

By Erika Z. Byrd

Frank A. Hernandez, D.D.S., celebrated 21 years of dentistry in the Coachella Valley in 2012. Over the past two decades, this graduate of USC with more than 2,800 hours of continuing dental education beyond dental school has become a trusted name in dentistry for thousands of Coachella Valley families. From a child’s first dental appointment, routine cleanings to braces if needed, impacted wisdom teeth, crowns, root canals, TMJ therapy, and more, Dr. Hernandez provides a comprehensive practice encompassing general and specialty dentistry — all in one place for today’s busy families.

“It’s nice as a family to be able to go to one dentist and not have me and my wife one place and the kids another,” says Tim Walsh of Indio, who along with his wife and three children has been coming to Hernandez Dental for four years. “We’ve been very happy with Dr. Hernandez. We all have our cleanings done here and all of our dental work. I’ve had crowns, my wife has had crowns, and my son will need braces,” he explains. “The staff all knows us by name here. They are very friendly and it’s very family oriented. They’re also good about rescheduling if things get too busy with our kids’ activities and we need to make a change,” Walsh says.

“You don’t have to go anywhere else” is a consistent theme that runs throughout Hernandez Dental, as Dr. Hernandez has the expertise and technology to offer a wide range of treatment options. “I practice dentistry on a specialty level among all disciplines,” he states.


• General pediatric and adult dentistry
• Cosmetic dentistry
• TMJ treatment
• Orthodontics
• Endodontics – root canal therapy and surgery
• Periodontics
• Oral surgery
– Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
– Implant placement
– Bone grafting
– Gum grafting
• Treatment for snoring

For families who come to Dr. Hernandez when their children are in the early years, Dr. Hernandez comprehensively evaluates their growth potential and recommends early treatment with orthodontic appliances when necessary to address and correct the lack of growth and development to make it easier for adult teeth to come in. Treatment favors keeping teeth, with no extractions. “I have had cases where growth and development treatment did not need braces,” Dr. Hernandez explains.

A renowned expert in TMJ therapy, Dr. Hernandez is one of only about 15 dentists in the United States and Canada to perform the type of treatment he off ers for TMJ stability.

People frequently drive from throughout Southern California to Indio to seek out Dr. Hernandez because of his impressive track record in treating people with TMJ.

On the periodontal front, Dr. Hernandez says, “I was taught in dental school that you can only slow down periodontal disease; you might win a few battles, but you’ll lose the war. With today’s periodontal protocols, we find that we are getting actual resolution of periodontal disease. With products like Arestin®, where we inject antibiotic crystals in the periodontal pocket that last for 30 days, we get healing of the pocket. There was one instance where I did this on a 9 mm pocket and I thought the tooth was lost, but we saved the whole area,” Dr. Hernandez states.

“Keeping your teeth is more than just vital,” he says, noting that in Chinese medicine each tooth relates to a major organ or structure in the body and that the body has intricate communication with itself. “Our office is extremely aggressive in dealing with and diagnosing periodontal conditions.”


Technology definitely has its place in dentistry today, and it doesn’t get any more high tech than at Hernandez Dental. But Dr. Hernandez states that the most important criteria a person should look for when selecting a family dentist is their training and experience.

Among the newest state-of-the-art technology at Hernandez Dental is the Hybrid CEREC Crown Milling System. Dr. Hernandez currently has one of only 10 of this latest model in the country. He waited to purchase this equipment until it had the capability of also making bridges and surgical stents in addition to crowns, veneers, and other all-porcelain restorations. Now, instead of sending out to a lab for custom fabrications, Dr. Hernandez can create them on-site and install them during the same visit.

“With the CEREC, we can create materials that are similar to actual teeth in wear and design, and I can now manufacturer polychromatic restorations and get color that looks like real tooth,” explains Dr. Hernandez.


• Intraoral digital cameras used in examination
• Digital X-rays
• CT scan for TMJ diagnosis
• The Wand Anesthesia (no syringes)
• Waterlase™ laser for minimally invasive procedures
• Hybrid CEREC Crown Milling System


“It’s my goal every day I step into this office that I make you a fan of our practice,” Dr. Hernandez says. “I want patients to feel so well cared for and to experience how we go above and beyond to provide the best care, the best materials, and the best technology. My recommendations to the patient are the same as I would advise my own mother.”

While he may not be seated at your Thanksgiving table, Dr. Hernandez does want to be part of your family — as a trusted partner in caring for your family’s dental needs.

Hernandez Dental
81719 Dr. Carreon Blvd., Ste. C, Indio, DA 92201

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