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SACKS Wellness Center

H. David Sacks, D.O.
Map44751 Village Court, Suite 300
Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Family Practice


Good health is more than the absence of disease

Aging is not a one-size fits-all process. That’s a fact David Sacks, D.O. learned early in his career. He is a certified family practitioner who not only treated patients in his office, but also reached out to the many who needed him by visiting nursing homes and making personal house calls; services he still provides today. Dr. Sacks moved to the Palm Springs area in 1984. He became acquainted with a cadre of specialty physicians that are also part of the backbone of SACKS Wellness Center.

Being involved in many different aspects of the healthcare delivery system introduced a challenge and an opportunity for Dr. Sacks to do more than diagnose and treat people for the issues at hand. In Dr. Sacks’ quest for ongoing knowledge, he came across work that Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D. was doing at the “Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.” This prompted him to move forward with his dream and, under his direction, make health and wellness available from a central focal point. He began to develop the most unique wellness center now offered in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley.

Today, the SACKS Wellness Center has launched, and Dr. David Sacks is at the helm. SACKS Wellness Center’s mission is to empower men and women of all ages to optimize mental and physical health to live longer, healthier and happier lives. This is accomplished through a complement of programs that begin with quality time spent with Dr. Sacks to determine the best health solution strategies to meet specific goals. Options and programs at SACKS Wellness Center are physician recommended based on the unique needs of the individual. All wellness programs include diagnosis, development of a multi-faceted program and weekly follow up with nursing personnel.

SACKS Wellness Center and its Dynamic Group of Experts in Various Health Disciplines Offer a Variety of Core Services Including:

• Natural and medical weight management
• Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women of all ages
• Stress reduction treatment, may include therapeutic massage and meditation techniques
• High-end nutraceutical supplements as determined by the nutrition consultant and physician
• Skin-care evaluation and preventative or corrective treatment with treatment by a licensed medical esthetician
• Therapeutic physiology program for specific needs or general health and wellness

Life Changing Healthy Living ™

It is no coincidence that the wellness movement has gained momentum with the advent of the first wave of baby boomers turning 65. Recognizing that trend, Dr. Sacks implemented a wellness program that is custom tailored to address the issues that affect this new wave and others. It reflects a positive direction whereby one can regain health and wellness with increased vitality which also boosts and supports immune systems for staying well longer.

Stepping into the Wellness Center is like stepping into a sea of tranquility. It will take you to a place of new peace and happiness. The serene colors of the facility instill a feeling of relaxation. Treatment and consultation rooms flank a central open space where on-site seminars and small group activities will be conducted. As a means of maintaining the integrity of SACKS Wellness Center, services provided are approved by Dr. Sacks to insure a holistic and medically appropriate course of treatment.

Beginning the journey to wellness can be as easy as bringing in your “brown bag” of medications which will be reviewed by Dr. Sacks. Your evaluation will also include a comprehensive review of concerns, physical needs and specific goals. A visit with Dr. Sacks is the first step toward determining why you may not feel your very best. Review of the total picture, brings options, sheds new light and leads to a new sense of direction for achieving wellness.

Important questions everyone asks are “What is the cost?” and “Do you take insurance?” As everyone has different needs, there are different programs; each available with affordable pricing and methods of payment that will satisfy most clients. SACKS Wellness Center accepts checks, cash and credit cards. For information or to set an appointment call 760-779-9100 to speak with the patient coordinator.

SACKS Wellness Center is conveniently located at 44751 Village Court, Suite 300, Palm Desert. It is off Highway 111 near Cook Street. For out-of-town clients, lodging is available close to the center.

Dr. Sacks himself is the best advertisement of the results that can be expected from a program at SACKS Wellness Center. He attributes his own wellness to a plant protein-rich diet and active lifestyle. Of course, a commitment to physical activity, regular exercise, and the use of vitamins and supplements round out his wellness regime. As Dr. Sacks demonstrates regularly, “laughter is the best medicine” and is an integral part of the wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Sacks points out clients that come for many reasons. Some arrive with issues such as weight management, stress reduction, hormonal imbalance, and behavior modification needs. It is our wish for all who visit to find their special place of wellness. “For me, the reward is seeing someone turn their life around by making lifestyle changes and a commitment to a healthier way of living for a new way of life,” says Dr. Sacks.

We look forward to helping all who walk through the doors of SACKS Wellness Center.

SACKS Wellness Center
44751 Village Court, Suite 300, Palm Desert, CA 92260

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