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Facelift Specialist — Facelift "Fixer"

By Catherine Rips

Not all plastic surgeons live up to their reputations. Just ask Eileen Daly, a self-professed research fanatic. About 12 years ago, the New Jersey native looked into surgeons for months before deciding to schedule an appointment with a well-known Beverly Hills specialist who was frequently on TV. "I chose him because I had an issue with puffiness under my eye and that was supposed to be his specialty," Eileen explains. "I met him, liked him, and said, 'okay.'" Unfortunately, that seemingly well researched choice led to a decade of despair.

"I stayed in Beverly Hills for two weeks to recover," she recalls, "then was discharged to go home. But my left eyelid wasn't closing and I had a hole under my right eyelid." Back in New Jersey, Eileen called his office for months to no avail. "I wore sunglasses to my step daughter's wedding!"

Fast forward 10 years. Though the hole under her eye had eventually healed with cortisone therapy, neither lid closed completely and Eileen suffered a decade of constant tearing. She didn't consult with a surgeon again until she saw (and disliked) some telltale signs of aging. "I had jowls!" she says. "I thought I looked old." Eileen and her husband, frequent desert visitors, decided to try their luck with a Palm Springs area surgeon. She visited two. One was recommended by her stylist; the other was David M. Morrow, M.D. "I had been following Dr. Morrow in Palm Springs Life for years," she says, "The difference between the two was night and day. I was so impressed with Dr. Morrow's caring approach and attention to detail!"


This time, the outcome of her facial cosmetic surgery was vastly different. Dr. Morrow performed a comprehensive facelift to address Eileen's aesthetic concerns and developed a new procedure for her eyelid problem using a minimally invasive, scarless technique. Her tearing issue was solved the next day.

"Dr. Morrow took such good care of me! It was a wonderful experience," she adds. "And I'm so happy with the results. My friends all tell me how terrific I look. One of them said, 'You get younger every time I see you!' Another said, 'You look like you're 40.' Of course I'm not – I'm 66."

Surgical patients aren't the only ones who come to Dr. Morrow to fix problems caused by other practitioners. Debi Alameda, 65, sought him out for an issue with injectables. "I had been going to someone else," she recalls, "but it seemed like the Botox® wasn't taking and I was getting puffs and jowls from so much filler. Dr. Morrow did my Botox for almost a year. He never said, 'You need this or that.' There was absolutely no pressure about surgery. I brought up the subject."


Like Eileen, Debi had also had prior facial cosmetic surgery. "The scars bothered me. I couldn't pull my hair back because you could see them. And my face seemed like it was sinking in from age." Dr. Morrow employed a sophisticated surgical plan that combined facial implants with brow, cheek and neck lifts and a skin peel. Since her procedure, "People run up to me and say, 'Debi, you look really good!' When I showed my best friend, a cardiac surgeon, the work Dr. Morrow had done, she could not get over the suturing and said, 'You have to tell him I said you look amazing.'"

Before having surgery, Debi went to one of Dr. Morrow's seminars. Four of his patients participated. "They looked so good I was just blown away. A lot of surgeons, will show you pictures," she says, "but when you meet Dr. Morrow's patients in person – you know they're not touched up."

Stories like Eileen Daly's and Debi Alameda's are why Dr. Morrow was named one of the Top Cosmetic Surgeons in the World by the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Founder and director of The Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage (and soon Beverly Hills), Dr. Morrow is the originator of many facial cosmetic surgery procedures now in use throughout the world.


While many of Dr. Morrow's patients contemplate cosmetic surgery for several years, others, like Thomas Daly, are more spontaneous. He hadn't considered surgery until he sat in on his wife Eileen's consultations with Dr. Morrow. Then he saw her results.

"I decided to go for it because Eileen's results were so spectacular!" he says. "I thought maybe I could use a few things too. What really motivated me was seeing my before pictures," he recalls laughing. "I'm 72 and it could have been worse – but I could see I was getting saggy and baggy here and there. I don't feel or act my age and I didn't want to look old."

After conferring with Dr. Morrow, Tom had a neck lift, lower and upper facelift, cheek implants and earlobe rejuvenation.

Although he was happy with his healing after surgery, at one point Tom remembers thinking maybe he didn't look that different. "I went in and Dr. Morrow showed me my before pictures," he says shaking his head, "It was like light years difference and I wasn't even close to being fully recovered! I'm thrilled with the results. Dr. Morrow did a beyond spectacular job!"


Using the same skill and artistry he employs in facelift surgery, Dr. Morrow also performs non-surgical treatments for skin and facial rejuvenation. His One-Day FaceLift includes Botox® or Xeomin®, a range of facial fillers and his Designed Skin Peel®. Unlike many physicians, Dr. Morrow administers all injectable treatments himself, providing his patients with maximum benefit.

Dr. Morrow's background in cosmetic surgery and dermatology informs his philosophy that Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin® and inspires his exclusive MorrowMD® product line. Merging science with a practical approach to skin care, MorrowMD is the choice for men and women of all ages, including actress/model Victoria Summer.

Order MorrowMD at www.morrowmd.com. To watch interviews with Eileen, Tom, Debi and Victoria, and to see before and after photos, visit www.morrowinstitute.com

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