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The Morrow Institute Group

Map69780 Stellar Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-2954
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25 Years Of Exceptional Care and Beautiful Results

By Catherine Rips


The Morrow Institute, founded 25 years ago by David Morrow, M.D., is surely a case in point. Dr. Morrow and his team of Specialty Plastic Surgeons® are setting the bar higher than ever.


This year, The Morrow Institute co-hosted Select BioScience’s “Clinical Translation of Stem Cell Summit,” a multi-disciplinary conference featuring researchers, clinicians, industrialists and regulatory experts from around the world. The Morrow Institute’s Allan Wu, M.D., kicked off the conference with his keynote address.

“The Summit was a unique opportunity for this esteemed group, who rarely meet under one roof, to candidly share ideas,” noted Dr. Morrow. “From cancer therapy to cures for common ailments such as arthritis, stems cells are changing medicine.”


Six years after establishing The Morrow Institute’s Non Controversial Stem Cell Research Lab, and after hundreds of hours of research and consideration, Dr. Morrow and Dr. Wu are applying their understanding of cell biology to enhance cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures. Dr. Morrow utilizes PRP and stem cell rich fat to optimize skin rejuvenation and facelift procedures. Dr. Wu uses cell optimized fat transfer to perform breast reconstruction, hand rejuvenation, and enhance muscle definition. Soon The Morrow Institute will also offer bone marrow stem cell therapy to treat joint problems and other orthopedic concerns. All these methods are in compliance with FDA guidelines.


For 25 years, Dr. Morrow has distinguished himself through achievements in skin and facial rejuvenation. He performed the first laser facelift and has developed techniques including the Designed Skin Peel® and the Stork Lift®. These accomplishments led to his being named one of the Top Cosmetic Surgeons in the World by the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Recently, Dr. Morrow’s innovative work was shared at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s Annual Scientific Meeting and published in international cosmetic and plastic surgery journals.

Carrying on the Morrow tradition of innovation, Dr. Wu was recently featured in several articles about stem cells, including on ScientificAmerican.com, and was invited to appear on TV’s The Doctors, The Katie Couric Show, Inside Edition, and American Health Journal on PBS. Dr. Wu also unveiled The Morrow Institute’s patent-pending Stem Cell Optimizer™ and StemSorter™ at international stem cell conferences in Florida and San Diego. These non-invasive clinical devices may soon help further enhance research and patient outcomes.


Innovation in medicine is only as good as patient results. In cosmetic surgery, patient satisfaction is the ultimate test. Well known for his long-lasting, natural-looking facelifts, Dr. Morrow attracts patients from around the world and around the corner who appreciate the value of quality. “There is no magic in medicine,” Dr. Morrow explains. “I see many disappointed individuals after ‘non-surgical’ or assembly line facelifts performed elsewhere. The key to natural looking results is choosing a surgeon who has the artistry and skill to propose and perform the right procedures.”


More than ever, men are choosing to take care of themselves and their bodies. The Morrow Institute team performs tummy tucks plus abdominal sculpting and muscle defining procedures to reveal six-pack abs and build up men’s chests and arms. Women are enhancing their shapes with lipo-sculpture/lipo-transfer combo procedures that reduce their waists, hips, and thighs, then augment the buttocks and reconstruct breasts. Gastric Banding and the “Sleeve” procedure offer solutions for patients who are 50 pounds or more overweight.


Mothers of all ages can turn back the clock both inside and out. “It doesn’t matter if they’ve just had their babies or if their children are grown, and they’re ready to take care of themselves again,” Dr. Wu, says. “We do a lot to help women regain their self confidence and feel good about their bodies again.”

Dr. Wu’s expertise ranges extensively from the advanced treatment of veins to reversing undesirable consequences of childbirth such as breast changes, abdominal laxity, incontinence, stretching, hernias, C-section scarring, and painful intercourse. When medically indicated, these procedures may be covered by private insurance.


Southern California might have more plastic/cosmetic surgeons than anywhere else in the world. So how does a patient decide? To provide patients with the best possible care, Dr. Morrow used his considerable skills and experience to assemble a multi-talented team of board certified specialists in dermatology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, surgery and plastic surgery. Patients are not only assured individualized treatment by super specialists from their heads to their toes, The Morrow Institute’s surgeons often repair undesirable results created by other surgeons.


Located in Rancho Mirage, The Morrow Institute campus blends high-tech medical and surgical facilities with the atmosphere of a luxurious spa. The campus features serene gardens and consultation areas, clinical and aesthetician treatment rooms, and an AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center.

The Morrow Institute brings together art and science to enhance each patient’s unique qualities. As Dr. Morrow explains, “It’s been our great pleasure over the past 25 years to celebrate the beauty of individuality. We look forward to 25 more!”

The Morrow Institute Medical Group Inc.
69780 Stellar Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270