October 2001

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Desert Progress Edition:

We're In The Money?
What does the economic data show about the desert cities? Except for hotel sales, things look pretty rosy at present. Don't count those chickens yet, though.

At Home Desert Living
Meet interior designers, discover desert flora, watch a hostess in action and see what your neighbors are doing with concrete.

Big supplement:
The Annual Home Improvement Guide - names, addresses and phone numbers of the suppliers, contractors and others who can handle the job.
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Blue Skies

What's in store for the valley in the upcoming year? Here are the plans, renderings and architectural drawings of our future.


By Steven Brown. Photography by Tom Keller. Entrepreneurship abounds in the desert as evidenced by the many men and women we found who took the plunge and became their own bosses. A real eye-opener.

Cover Story: Team Cathedral City

Meet the men and women (from Robert Selleck - Tom's brother - to Susan Moeller and all in between) who dreamed up those outlandish plans for Cathedral City and read how they pulled it off so far.
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Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon Caption Contest

Each month, we provide a vintage 1950’s cartoon illustrated by Alice Rovinsky. You are invited to submit a caption or vote for your favorite caption.