September 1966

5Publisher's Letter
8Thorne In The Side By Will Thorne
47Around Town By Pat Phillips Oliver
55Dining Out
Special Interest
36Flyboys Invade Palm Springs By Oliver Patrick
38Mediterranean Ranch House By Lisa Sentelle
40Los Ninos Y Senora Crosby By Mary St. Lawrence
10Palm Springs As A Statistic By Phil Stone
20Desert Communities
24Indio As A Statistic By Fred C. Weigel
42The Establishment: Hal Kapp Enigma By George Ringwald
44Palm Springs Tv Best In West By Bill Gilson

ABOUT THE COVER: A reader accused us of being arriba (on high) in April, when we published our Arriba issue. Maybe yes, maybe no. But PSL's publisher, Milt Jones, definitely was "high" when he photographed the aerial view of a square block in the Las Palmas area, from a helicopter piloted by Don Landells. There's a pool in every yard, proof that Palm Springs is the world's swimming pool capital.


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