September 1998

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Fashion: Thoroughly Modern Classics: Our architecture also makes us sooo speical. Or haven't you noticed how the rest of the world has gone nuts over Palm Springs modernism? We can't pick up a copy of a magazine published out of New York without seeing at least one fashion spread shot out here amoung our historic buildings. We've always used these as backdrop, of course, and we do so again now. This issue, photographer Arthur Coleman shot at the restored former home of movie star Joseph Cotten


About The Cover:

Many say the desert is out of this world but this may be the first photographic proof. Computer artist Hal Lester works from an idea by the late Candy Jernigan.

Report from the Recovery Zone:

The desert a world apart? For proof just ask any of the thousands of" raduates" of the desert's world-renowned drug and alcohol rehab centers, who have made use of the desert's isolation and privacy to reclaim their lives.

By the Dawn's Early Light

One thing that makes the desert a world apart is the hours the residents keep. Most other resorts thrive at night. We do our share of midnight howling, too, but the big time of day in the desert is early morning. Way early morning. In fact, we get more done by nine that most places do all day. Come along with photographer Ethan Kaminsky as we explore the a.m. options. Watch for celebrity faces.

Courtesy, El Niño

The desert's unique flora also set it apart from anywhere else. That and our weather. This past winter, for example, while the rest of California and the world buckled under the pressure of El Niño's violent storms, we witnessed only one result: The little extra rain gave us the most gorgeous explosion of desert wildflowers ever. Photographer Tom brewster caught the images. (be sure to open the big fold-out.)
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