September 2000

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The Desert Antes Up By Michael Tennesen.
Photography by Tom Brewster. With the recent passage of Proposition 1A, which re-established the desert's Native American tribes' right to open and maintain gaming palaces, the boom has begun. Slot machines are changing, card games are changing and a whole new big-time gaming is emerging. Author Tennesen, one of Southern California's prominent experts on Indian affairs, studies the new developments.

Group Destination PlannerVery often, visitors will so enjoy their trips to the desert that they want to bring their co-workers back for a convention or meeting. Here is the scoop on all of the major local hotels, meeting spaces and attractions that make this area of the country such a draw for successful conventions.

Desert Guide Edited by Donna Curran.
Throw away all of those other supposed "guides."


Desert Design: The Palm Springs Look

By Jean Penn. What's behind the new Mid-Century Modernism craze.

Desert Art: An Artful Latitude

A short history of our famous desert painters and why our environment has been so helpful to their work.

Light! Camera! Action!

How does the light play on desert surfaces? We asked some of our favorite photographers to capture the moment. The results display a breathtaking environment residents enjoy year-round.

Desert Spirits: Flat-Out Brilliant

Our wine expert picks four superb wines that will hold you in good stead throughout the upcoming year. Stock up now. Photography by Arthur Coleman.

The Springs: A Look Back at 1962-63

Big surprise! Not much has changed.

Desert Medicine: The 411 on 911s

Here's what to do in common desert emergencies.
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