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Ageless Secret

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An Energetic Cosmetic

By Françoise Rhodes

Some say time is an illusion.

What is not an illusion is the impact time has on our bodies. Whether we call it aging, or growing old, the body’s natural cellular renewal processes after the age of 35 begin to gradually decline, and the skin begins to wrinkle and sag.

Natural Cellular Renewal Processes that begins to breakdown at age 35:
• Every 24 hours, we develop new skin on our hands
• Every 28 days, facial skin is replaced
• Every 6 months there is a complete turnover of facial skin
• Every year, 98 percent of the atoms in the body are replaced

Today’s society is on a quest for knowledge regarding healthy living, longevity, and reducing the signs of aging via the use of safe, nontoxic products with natural ingredients. One such product is Ageless Secret™, or “Energetic Cosmetics” as referred to by Jim Kaszyk, the chemist and founder of this breakthrough anti-aging technology.

“Ageless Secret™ was formulated to encourage these renewal systems to perform like when we were young,” Kaszyk states.

“Our body consists of 70 percent water, a major factor in our overall well-being,” explains Kaszyk. “Ageless Secret™ aids the body by revitalizing the energy in water via the Subtle Energy concept, “subtle” does not mean weak; it is actually very strong.” This special kind of energy has the unique ability to change the properties of water. Combine this energized water with other natural ingredients and Ageless Secret™ becomes a remarkable energetic beauty product that quickly improves skin elasticity with noticeable tightness, smoothness, plumpness, and wrinkle reduction.

Recognized as a pioneer in the field of chemistry, President and Founder of KASZ Enterprises Inc. Jim Kaszyk is considered a master of elements by his peers.

Boasting a successful and decorated scientific career with the U.S. government and major manufacturing companies, Kaszyk’s experience with chemical testing has garnered worldwide recognition for his discoveries.

Kaszyk gives praise to Dr. William A. Tiller, the father of Subtle Energy Medicine, who was able to demonstrate the existence of this new kind of energy. In the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD, presented are Dr. Tiller’s concepts. These concepts fascinated and inspired Kaszyk to the point of launching his own quest to show that this energy in water has unique properties that can transfer through matter like a magnetic field acting similar to heat.

After eight years of extensive testing and revisions, Ageless Secret™ was presented to consumers in 2001. However, before offering Ageless Secret™ to the public, Kaszyk tested the product on himself for six months, making sure there were zero side effects, or feelings of illness. Noticing immediate results, Kaszyk’s wife Paula was eager to test the product and to date continues daily use.

Ageless Secret™ natural, nontoxic age fighting ingredients:
• Water
• MSM — a bio sulfur that improves cell flexibility
• Aloe
• Trace minerals

Processed energy from:
• Niacin — increases circulation
• Cayenne Pepper — increases circulation
• Helichrysum — also known as Immortelle because of anecdotal reports of anti-aging
• Ho Shou Wu — Legendary Chinese herb used for centuries to help beat the aging clock

A combined energizing process helps to produce a remarkable energetic anti-aging beauty product that doesn’t feel sticky, greasy, or leave a powdery residue on the skin.

Recently an independent U.S. government-certified laboratory verified that when two ounces of the Ageless Secret™ GOLD Formula is combined with two ounces of water, the result is not four ounces, as one would expect. There is more! The increase is proof the formula has energy that expands water. Ice expands 9 percent. This expansion from the energy of Ageless Secret™ GOLD formula is less than 1 percent making it safe and effective for a cosmetic. Even though this may seem small, some scientists say it may be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of science.

Remember, skin cells are rechargeable batteries that weaken with age. When using Ageless Secret™ as recommended your skin will look more youthful with fewer noticeable lines and wrinkles. Join the natural anti-aging revolution, because the Ageless Secret™ is out!

For more information or to purchase Ageless Secret™, visit

The Ageless Secret™
73733 Fred Waring Dr., Ste. 108, Palm Desert, CA 92260

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