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The Caffery / Frech Group

At Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


We believe that you deserve financial advisors who share your vision, earn your trust, and work diligently to help you attain the life you desire for you and your family. As we work together toward your goals, we are committed to providing you with distinctive, caring, and personalized attention. Equally important is our attentiveness to helping you anticipate the changes and challenges in your life so you can be prepared to meet those circumstances when they arise.


Smart planning starts with asking the right questions, as well as understanding your financial needs and goals. Only then will we provide comprehensive wealth management advice and help connect all the pieces of your financial life into a cohesive plan for the future. It’s not our practice, for example, to discuss education funding without considering its impact on your retirement. Nor does it make sense to talk about an investment plan without first discovering what the investments need to pay for, i.e., a second home, a business start-up, a child’s first down payment.

You don’t separate your finances from your life; as your financial advisors, we won’t either.


We know how hard our clients work for their money and why. They do it to build a meaningful life for themselves, their family, and their community. We work just as hard to help them achieve that life. We are backed by years of experience helping clients manage their wealth and access the depth of resources that comes from being part of one of the world’s largest financial firms.

But before we develop any specific recommendations, we take the time to understand who you are as an individual and what you want to accomplish with your wealth and your life. We will work through the following process together.

As financial advisors at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a new industry-leading wealth management firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients.


Our conversation about wealth management will focus on four key areas that we believe will result in a comprehensive outlook of your future:

Lifestyle. Not only your current one, but also the lifestyle you aspire. We will talk about your cash flow and future spending obligations, retirement planning, education funding, wealth to heirs, and philanthropy.

Liabilities. The right side of your balance sheet is no less significant than investing. Borrowing, when done wisely, can help you realize possibilities that you might not have realized without it. We can show you strategies that can fund your needs without liquidating assets, sacrificing income, or paying gift taxes.

Risk. Recognizing whether you have too much or not enough risk is another core element we will discuss. Risk-management topics will include diversifying to help you protect your portfolio against market volatility and protecting your family from less-than-ideal decisions by engaging an impartial trustee or executor.

Investment. Asset management goes beyond investment performance. Based on your financial status today, we will calculate the returns necessary to help you achieve your target, craft an investment program designed to help you reach it, and assess statistically the likelihood you will reach or exceed your goals. A variety of fee-based investment advisory services, managed accounts, and active portfolio management is available.

Thomas Caffery
Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor

Phone: 1-760-776-6202
Fax: 1-760-776-6250
Number of Years Registered: 26

Tom is a graduate of UC Riverside, where he completed the PFP program for financial planning. A multi-year member of the exclusive Director’s, Chairman’s and Presidents Club’s.

Focus areas: Equities & Structured Products Fixed Income Portfolio Management Syndicate & New Issues Custom Portfolio Management.

Gregory Frech, CRPC®
Vice President
Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Phone: 1-760-776-6223
Fax: 1-760-776-6250
Number of Years Registered: 12

Greg is a graduate of BIOLA University and lives in La Quinta with his wife and two children.

Focus areas: Strategic & Tactical Portfolio Management, Retirement Income Planning & Strategies Insurance, Annuity & Lending Planning. Also focuses on working with athletes and Entertainers.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. To the extent that this material or any attachment concerns tax matters, it is not intended to be used and cannot be used by a taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Financial planning is one of many products and services offered by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Please consult your financial advisor for more information about any of our products and services. Diversification does not ensure against loss.© 2009 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

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