Keeping Cats Happy, Healthy is the Cat Clinic's Mission

There are dog people, and there are cat people, and Dr. Rebecca Diaz, DVM,  firmly places herself in the latter category. That's a main reason Dr. Diaz opened the Cat Clinic in Cathedral City, a full service veterinary practice focusing on our feline friends.
Why a cat clinic? Dr. Diaz says it is stressful enough for a cat to go to the vet, let alone be met at the door with the scent of canines. "It just adds to their stress to smell strange dogs," she explains. 
To further limit your cat's stress when it's time for the vet, Dr . Diaz suggests leaving a carrier out all the time, if you have room: "If you put a bed in it, some water and a little food, your cat will get used to it, even if he just goes in once in a while. Then you're not bringing out the carrier just to go to the vet." 
Dr. Diaz warns that cats may need to see the vet more often than you think. "Sometimes with indoor cats, we only see them for their kitten exams, shots and vaccinations and then we don't see them til they are 9 years old or so and something is going on," she says. Even though everything may look okay with your cat, "Cats can look fine until the very last second when they're sick," the doctor says. She recommends a min-blood panel be done at around age 7, even if Fluffy looks in perfect health. "There are a lot of things we can catch early in terms of liver, thyroid, kidneys and other conditions. If we pick up something early, we can not only extend their lives, but the time of their lives that they are healthy, happy and comfortable."
Other ways to keep your cat happy and healthy? Dr. Diaz recommends making sure your cat has high places to hang out, preferably near a window. "It makes them feel safer because going high is what they do in nature," she says. She also says you might want to try giving your indoor cat some outdoor time, either walking him or her in a harness or even getting an enclosed outdoor pen. "Indoor kitties sometimes enjoy some outdoor time," she says.
The Cat Clinic, serving more than 20 desert communities, is located in the Rio Vista Shopping Center next to Starbucks at 67870 Vista Chino in Cathedral City and is open Monday-Friday 8 am-5:30 pm and 
Saturday 9 am-1 pm. 760-325-3400

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