10 Pet Friendly Restaurants in the Desert

On your next lunch date, these restaurants make room for your four-legged friend.

Tiffany Carter Current Digital, Restaurants

It's a Dog Day Afternoon on Sundays at Coachella Valley Brewing Company.

Your best friend, confidant, the one who is by your side through thick and thin just happens to eat dog biscuits, walk on all fours, and likes to chase squirrels. Your best friend can be tough to take out for a meal — “no dogs allowed” is a common sign to see around town. However, we rounded up a cross-section of pet-friendly places where you and your pup can enjoy a delicious meal, people watching, and a thirst-quenching bowl of water.

The Cafe at Shields, Indio

For humans, the outdoor space at Shields Date Garden, surrounded by a beautiful forest of towering date palms, is a nature-fueled way to enjoy the famous Shields’ Date Shake or Shields Signature Date Burger topped with sautéed deglet noor dates. For dogs, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your human while noshing on a singular, thick hamburger patty that the Cafe sells for drooling dogs. Servers offer water bowls to pups without even asking. Another plus, the tables are all spaced far apart so no need to feel like you and your pup are cramped, trying to live your best life around other non-pet diners.

La Quinta Baking Company, La Quinta

This European-bistro inspired cafe will have your dog yelping “Merci! Merci!” after you present him with the “doggie menu” at La Quinta Baking Company. Yes, this dog friendly cafe has a spacious outdoor dining area and special menu that features tail wagging-induced chicken breasts, hamburger patties, scrambled eggs and turkey slices just for your dog. The outdoor space features a large fountain and umbrellas to keep your pet cool from the sun. For pet owners, a full menu of delicious baked goods, desserts, quiches, and wine to dine.



The outdoor space features a large fountain and umbrellas to keep your pet cool from the sun.

On the Mark Fine Foods and Provisions, Palm Springs

This upscale deli and market is the créme de la créme for a day out with your dog. You can peruse the small aisles for fancy mustards and almonds with your furry one (no need to leave them outside). Create a Scooby snack for your pup from their selection of fresh meats salami, pepperoni, oven roasted chicken and turkey, roast beef, black forest ham, and duck and rabbit pate. Don’t forget to order one of their tasty fresh deli sandwiches for yourself. Feel good about serving your pup only the best as On the Mark proudly sells only meat with no preservatives, nitrates, antibiotics, and humanely raised. The dog-friendly outdoor dining area features shaded picnic tables with plenty of room for larger dogs.

Eureka!, Indian Wells

Although Eureka! is famous for their whisky bar and their lollipop corn dogs, their outdoor patio is a must for dog lovers. The semi-covered patio is spacious and features both individual and communal tables. Water bowls and dog biscuits are offered complimentary for your fur baby to enjoy during your stay. Their are heat lamps for those chilly desert nights and shaded canopies. Indoor plants and vintage-inspired bulb string lights make for a special space to dine out with your pet.

Acqua California Bistro, Rancho Mirage

Dogs can relax on the large outdoor patio situated on a glistening pool of water. The patio keeps dogs chilled in the summertime by high powered fans and cooling misters. Complimentary water bowls are offered to keep your pet hydrated while you sip on their all-day happy hour Skinny Margaritas. The patio is enclosed in glass, so people watching, cars passing by, and fountain streams shooting out from the pool will keep your dog entertained throughout the meal.

Farm, Palm Springs

Sunday Funday can be shared with your pet outside on Farm’s patio with a fork in your Croque Madame in one hand and holding a watermelon mimosa in the other. "Having pups at our restaurant is one of our favorite things about having a garden patio,” says manager, Tyler Bianco. “Greeting them with all the belly scratches and water bowls they can handle makes our day that much better." Water is provided for the dogs and some servers have been known to offer bacon as a treat. Large dogs are welcome, too.



"Having pups at our restaurant is one of our favorite things about having a garden patio,” says manager, Tyler Bianco.

Bubba’s Bones & Brews, Cathedral City

Any restaurant with the word “bones” in the name has got to be a good dining spot for your best friend. Bubba’s Bones & Brews is the neighborhood barbecue joint your dog has been salivating for. The outdoor patio is dog friendly and features beautiful mountain views for the humans. Bubba’s offers meat by the pound on the menu featuring beef brisket and pulled pork and meat plates with your choice of brisket or chicken with two sides.

Coachella Valley Brewing Company, Thousand Palms

Sundays are touted as Dog Day Afternoons where you can score $1 off pints or flights when you bring your dog. Dogs are allowed inside the taproom anytime so you can enjoy the suds alongside your furry kid. “Our observation is that dogs love to people watch and prefer doing so on our cool cement floors,” says tap room manager, Wes Gainey. Water bowls are also provided for your dog to drink from during their visit.

The Cafe at Venus de Fido, Palm Desert

This human-friendly restaurant is where dogs can take their owners for a healthy lunch. All kidding aside, the Cafe at Venus de Fido is about as dog friendly as you can get. In addition to outdoor dining to accommodate your pet while enjoying your plant-based meal, Venus de Fido also has a Bow Wow boutique, fitness classes for you and your dog, dog training, and play groups with Barks & Crafts on Saturdays. You can even enjoy a glass of wine with your pup at their weekly Yappy Hours. While you’re enjoying your fajita burrito, your pup can cool off with a frozen yogurt cup made especially for pets. Other healthy dog treats and food are available in their boutique.

4 Paws Coffee Co., Palm Springs

This organic coffee shop and cafe on the north end of Palm Springs is not only dog-friendly, but the owner is a dog-loving entrepreneur who gives back to the rescue dogs in the community. Proceeds from each sale as well as personal donations made in the vintage telephone booth onsite benefit the local Palm Springs animal shelters. Dogs are welcome inside for ordering and then can be seated with their human owners outside on the patio. This large coffee shop/cafe features dog biscuits and water already out and ready to be consumed, and specially crafted Puppaccino drinks (whipped cream topped with dog cookies) for your four-legged friend.