lainie hughes eisenhower health

40 Under 40: Lainie Hughes

The 32-year-old is in charge of the reseach department at Eisenhower Health, whose work has never been more valued locally since the pandemic.

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lainie hughes eisenhower health
Lainie Hughes, 32

Manager, Research and Clinical Trials, Eisenhower Health

After working as a biologist in San Diego, Hughes started a new position as a clinical research coordinator at Eisenhower Health in 2020. Early this year, the Michigan native moved into the manager position. “Every therapy and drug and device we have available is a direct result of clinical trials,” she says. “It’s exciting to think I can work and help to make something become readily available to thousands of people.”

• VIDEO: Since coming to Eisenhower Health in 2020, Lainie says she sees a career path ahead of her.