40 Under Forty: Dr. Nicole Ortiz

Co-Founder/Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Live Well Clinic

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Dr. Nicole Ortiz, N.D.
Co-Founder/Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Live Well Clinic
Age: 34


Dr. Nicole Ortiz nearly turned down the 40 Under 40 honor because she wanted to share it with her associate and co-founder of Live Well Clinic, Dr. Sonja Fung.

“I wouldn’t be here without her,” says Ortiz, who has grown a thriving integrative clinic in the valley for six years. “This is an opportune place for my business. There is a population of people here who aspire to live a happy, active, and preventive lifestyle.”

Ortiz says that there was not an integrated healthcare clinic such as hers in the valley, and she found the area ideally sized to be able to make an immediate impact and allow her dream to come alive.

“This community is on the verge of a refreshed identity and needs vibrant young professionals infusing a renewed entrepreneurial spirit here,” she says.

The oldest of six children, Ortiz says she has been a “little mom” to her siblings since age 4 and hopes to have a family of her own one day.

She keeps her mind constantly stimulated by experiencing new things, from food and travel to business challenges and working with several local nonprofit groups.

“I had the realization that I’ve been given a gift to help transform people’s lives and their destiny — to help them live to their fullest potentials,” she says. “That is incredibly rewarding.”

Ortiz is currently working on a book and a national speaking tour that will take her passion for natural preventive medicine to a much wider audience.


VIDEO: Dr. Nicole Ortiz talks about her love for the outdoors.

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