Bicycle decorated with Christmas tinsel.

5 Christmas Gifts for Palm Springs Biking

Comfort is as appealing as the exercise

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Bicycle decorated with Christmas tinsel.


Jingle Bells even supports the idea of “Oh what fun it is to ride.”

Whether you're looking to start out or add accessories to your ride in Greater Palm Springs, there are plenty of choices for your favorite biker/cycler.

According to Joseph Morales, sales associate for Palm Desert Bike and Moped, the current two most popular bikes out of his location are the Jamis Boss Cruiser (pictured at right) and the Citizen.

“People come to the area and are looking to try out a bike, looking for comfort and have a chance to try it out (the Palm Desert location also rents bikes),” he says. “They might want to go on a mountain trail or just recreation, comfortable cruising, but those comfort hybrids are the top selling ones at the moment.”


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One-stop shopping.


Both bikes are priced for $389 retail and rentals are readily available. However,if it's a smaller-scale stocking stuffer you seek, try this pre-ride meal to carbo-load,  a bike-shaped pasta (Pastablilities, The Pasta Shoppe, 14-ounce bag (4-pack, $22).


More Suggestions for Your Favorite Rider:


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Get a grip.


Nishiki Fingerless Cycling gloves: Popular fingerless gloves are not just for texting in the colder weather anymore. These cycling gloves for men and women are available in three sizes, black or grey. About $20 and available at Dick's Sporting Goods. Lots of solid reviews and a lifesaver for your hands.


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Portable lighting.


Magnetic Bike Lights: Can be mounted anywhere but most start with a white one at the front base, then add a red for the back. Strong lighting. Visit for a price range of $32 each.


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Crash and not burn.


Brave Soldier Crash Pak: Here's hoping it will never be opened, but this all-in-one kit for basic skin abrasions and other road rash is a well-worth-it survival kit for anyone from the commuter cyclist to the mountain biker or average cruisers. Available at and Amazon for approximately $15 each.


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The better to see you.


Roadrunner Reflective vest: For the cyclist, bicyclist, runner or walker, this lightweight breathable mesh vest boasts a highly-reflective adjustable fit with pockets visible from about 650 feet. Great for the darkened streets in Greater Palm Springs. Glow lines and Velcro arms bands included. on Amazon for $19.99-plus depending on size.


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Trip the light fantastic.


Wheel Lights from MonkeyLetric: Monkey Light M232 turns your ride into a party on wheels with multi-color digital-light art in multiple patterns. It provides front, rear, and side visibility at any speed and is customizable – with on-board buttons you can choose the themes and colors to fit any situation. Mounts on spokes of most road, city, cruiser, mountain or BMX bikes. Amazon, $20-$55.


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