7 New Looks for Luxe Surfaces

New designs spur creative ideas for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, breakfast bar islands, or accent walls.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design

Cambria's Swanbridge quartz looks like amrble, but requires a lot less maintenance. Haute design without any fuss.

Quartz is the surface that keeps on giving. No work, all play, this maintenance-free miracle material loves to be used. It may not be utterly impervious to surface damage, but a slip of the knife, splash of red wine, Sunday morning coffee ring, or errant bump of a sauté pan isn’t a threat. Quartz comes back laughing for more.

Tipping the scales with 93 percent pure quartz (granite averages 40 to 60 percent), Cambria’s natural stone surfaces are nonporous, nonabsorbent, and indoor emission-free. A soft cloth with your favorite soap and H2O keeps them shiny, happy, and resilient.

Cambria’s collection has evolved with the times. The release of more than 130 designs since the year 2000 has pushed the stylish appeal of quartz into timeless territory. (How many stone surfaces get their own galleries?) This fall, seven new designs spur creative ideas for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, breakfast bar islands, or accent walls.

“The new designs start with what’s now and what’s going to stay, and that’s white marble and gray,” says Summer Kath, senior vice president of business development. Swanbridge and Weybourne could be mistaken for Italian marble (without the fear of staining and etching). Charcoal-gray Carrick is an urban doppelganger for cool, modern concrete.

Four more designs represent emerging looks. Fashionistas can dress the kitchen in oversized patterns or hues from the international runways.

Join the navy with Cambria’s Hadley quartz. The nautical hue is white’s new best friend.

“At the design shows in London and Milan, we saw the sophistication of the European palette in bold patterns and large prints. We own the technology to produce big, bold veining from end to end … that’s how Helmsley, Harlech, and Princetown were born,” Kath says. Where others might see the natural formations of sand and rock along coastal Wales, Kath sees the influence of haute couture. These high-drama patterns prefer a theatrically large surface to show off. Best bets: a kitchen island, mounted above a fireplace, or across a powder room wall fronted by a pedestal sink.

“For Hadley, we discovered there’s not a classic navy blue countertop like it right now,” Kath adds. “That blue is straight from the runways. It’s clean, crisp, and extremely opulent.”

(Got quartz? The El Paseo and Cook Street showrooms are one-stop-shop galleries where clients can purchase direct. A uniform price across all surfaces includes installation.)