GuestLife Best of New Mexico Limited Edition Posters

Posters printed by GuestLife New Mexico featuring the work of New Mexico artists.

Featured Artists:
Donna Clair, Charles Collins, Georgia O'Keeffe, Carol Hagan, Rance Hood, Andrew Peters, Miguel Martinez, Malcolm Furlow, Pablo Antonio Milan, Leigh Gusterson, Jack Acrey, and Bill Ware.

Becomes the Wind ($44 / $60 signed)

Becomes the Wind ($44 / $60 signed)

Artist - Charles Collins
Size - 32" x 27"

Becomes the Wind, part of the artist's Wind Warriors series, was one of many paintings influenced by the book Essenes. Essenes were members of an ancient Jewish sect of ascetics and mystics who, the artist says, "understood that all life is interconnected, that there is no time."

This poster was printed in conjunction with the Charles Collins Gallery in Taos, N.M. It is part of the GuestLife Masterpieces of American Art series.

Signed prints are available

Price: $44.00


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