GuestLife Best of New Mexico Limited Edition Posters

Posters printed by GuestLife New Mexico featuring the work of New Mexico artists.

Featured Artists:
Donna Clair, Charles Collins, Georgia O'Keeffe, Carol Hagan, Rance Hood, Andrew Peters, Miguel Martinez, Malcolm Furlow, Pablo Antonio Milan, Leigh Gusterson, Jack Acrey, and Bill Ware.

Wolves at the Gorge ($44 / $60 signed)

Wolves at the Gorge ($44 / $60 signed)

Artist - Malcolm Furlow
24" x 34"

This striking reproduction of Malcolm Furlow's painting Wolves at the Gorge was produced in conjunction with Houshang Galleries in Santa Fe, N.M, for the city's popular Indian Market.

Signed prints are available

Price: $44.00


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