Posh Palm Springs Hotel Redefines What Customers Seek in Service

Each room has a distinctive look

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POSH Palm Springs Hotel is redefining its own name.

Co-owner Tony Gangloff says ‘posh’ in the boutique hotel’s name represents its personable service and hospitality.

“We believe in one-on-one interaction with the guests to really provide them with exactly what they’re looking for,” Gangloff says.

Ganglof and his partner, Santo Aloisi, took over the Art Deco-inspired hotel in December 2013. Located in the north part of Palm Springs, the hotel offers nine rooms.

“We receive comments from the customers that everyone loves how the rooms are individually decorated, and they all seem to have a personal touch,” Gangloff says. “And the people really do have their favorites here.”

In addition, the hotel serves a hot bbreak every morning and follows with a complimentary happy hour from 4-5 p.m. in the afternoon. There is also free bottled water, lemonade and ice tea served poolside.

Although the hot summer temps can sometimes cool business, Gangloff says just the opposite is happening.

“We ran a special promotion for two-day vouchers for the summer season, and we sold 182 of those vouchers,” he says, “so that’s actually keeping us pretty busy right now.”

POSH Palm Springs Hotel, 530 E. Mel Ave., Palm Springs,  760-992-5410

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VIDEO: Take a tour of the POSH Palm Springs Hotel.

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