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A stickler for quality and a devotee of well-placed art, the personable Jeanette Christian has been building relationships with design clients valleywide for decades

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As an interior designer, Jeanette Christian of Christian Design Associates has a keen interest in quality, style, and art.

She also happens to be as obsessed with the time-tested notion of luxury in the home as she is with nutrition and exercise. From practicing yoga, hiking, and riding her new cruiser bike to listening to health podcasts and drinking Bulletproof Coffee, this savvy designer believes health and home go hand in hand.

“Make sure you want to open that door before you bring it up with me,” she smiles. “I may fast-food shame you!”

Why do clients love you?
Of course they love their house and the design, but they also enjoy the way we take care of them during the project. We’ll do everything for them; who doesn’t like that? We stock their kitchens with favorite foods, put family photos in frames, and create lovely environments for their families and pets.
Our detailed project documentation also allows the client to know exactly what they will get. These drawings and specifications further assist the contractor in the construction process, helping them to be on time and on budget.

What’s inspiring you now?
I am always inspired by art; my projects are never complete without it. Being a designer gives me a connection to the art world and, fortunately, we have amazing galleries in the desert! Many of my clients are collectors. When I am designing their second homes, I am often inspired by a piece of art they bring from their primary residence.

What defines your home?
The light. I have amazing light in every room! [It’s] so important. It is really the one thing everyone wants — and the thing every designer and architect tries to put into a home. Having natural and abundant light makes every room feel welcoming. Also, I love to entertain and cook for my friends. Although I have a very small kitchen, that makes it easy to cook and socialize at the same time.

Any favorite pieces?
I have two. First, my dining table. It is a classic and modern stainless-steel cylinder with a thick glass top. (My transitional clients would be shocked!) Second, my bed — an amazing Kluft mattress made mostly by hand. Sleeping is a treat!

So, you’re on a mission to educate on quality and luxury?
Yes. Over the last three decades, we have become a society obsessed with having things just because we were told they were luxurious or we had to have them. With that, we lost the knowledge that quality is important, or even what quality really is. I would like to reintroduce the notion of quality and luxury by way of tackling a subject and dissecting its components and workmanship to illustrate the high, medium, and low end.

Photo inset: Jeanette Christian designed this comfortable custom home at The Madison Club in La Quinta. “I wanted it to look as if it evolved over time and became a welcoming place for families to gather,” she says. “A family did purchase the home, and they love it!” (Photo by Ethan Kaminsky)


Jeanette Christian Shares Her Wish List



A Le Creuset braising pan. All of my foodie friends tell me how great their dishes turn out when cooked in this pan. I want one!



The next Sam Smith album. I am crazy about his music.



A trip to Amsterdam. Having heard such great things from friends who have been, it sounds like a city I would enjoy. From biking in the city, cruising in the canals, visiting the museums, and enjoying the dining, I’ve put it next on my travel list.



The Carneros coffee table from Gregorius|Pineo. I love their line, and this table combines some of my favorite elements: A hand-planed wood top with forged iron legs like only they can do.



A Birkin bag by Hermès. (It wouldn’t be a wish list without it.) Every woman should have one! I want mine in cream.

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