A Tip of the Hat

"Wearing hats has become like a fine art for me." — Tina Brown, journalist, author

Site Staff Fashion & Style, Valley


TOP PHOTO: Brixton Paite hat, $64,; Static Swimwear Vine top, $75, and Topanga bottom, $65,; 
vintage loop-shag vest, $190,

photographs by brigitte sire

styled by jardine hammond

produced by audrey landreth


Alex straw boater hat, $270,; 
Fella Vincent Vega full piece, $220,


Fella Vincent Vega full piece, $220,;
La Perla raffia kimono, $2,918,;
AM Eyewear Melaine sunglasses, $315,

“I love hats; I love putting hats on. They are artwork. 
 You can always go out and 
 find a dress to wear for some occasion, 
 but there are not that many 
 occasions you can wear a hat.”—Zara Phillips, British Equestrian, 16th in line to the throne.

Brixton Kelly fedora, $58,; Static Swimwear Robertson one piece, $108;


Maxime Panama straw hat, $300,; Mikoh Madagascar top, $112,; Hensley textured inverted-pleat pant in terra-cotta, $1,495,

“Girls,” their mother interjected, “you must both stop being strange. It is unattractive. And don’t forget your hats. It would be absolutely the end for me if you two came down
with freckles at a time like this.”
—Anna Godbersen, author, The Luxe

Filù Hats wide-brim sun hat, $239,; Mikoh Bangkok top, $112,


Mikoh Las Palmas one piece swimsuit, $218,; 
Madewell canvas bucket hat, $32,; Mui Mui sunglasses, $415,

Hair and makeup: Bethany Brill

Prop stylist: Natalie Shriver

Model: Hannah Rademaker / Marilyn NY