A Tub Above

Custom lighting in the bath makes this blue light truly special

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Designer Frank Gill knows how to light up a room.

Custom illumination tailored to every environment has become one of his trademarks, from Marriott Desert Springs Estates to his work inside the gates of Cypress Heights, Mirada, and The Estates at Point Happy Ranch.

This home at Indian Ridge Country Club in Rancho Mirage highlights his talent for unexpected illumination. Sunken into the warm tones of vanilla and cream found in the Daino Reale stone, a Savannah bathtub offers molded armrests for maximum comfort.

On all sides, 30-by-30-inch polished marble floor tiles blend with the tub and seamlessly flow into dual closets. A darker stone border accent around the perimeter complements the countertops on two massive stone vanities. Now comes the ambiance.

First, Gill backlit three large mirrors that float over distinctive abalone shell wall coverings. Under the marble tub, which hovers eight inches above the floor, he installed motion-controlled, wireless, low-voltage lights. One wave of a hand changes their color — and the bather’s mood.

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