A Wedding Dress For The Enlightened Modern Woman

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Christopher Kennedy, Allied Member ASID
Susan Oster, IP Representative for LIT Lighting Design

Project Contributors:
Robert Allen Fabric
Joseph Pescatore, New York City

Imagine a clear warm desert evening…The drapes are opened and zephyrs of a light breeze stir the stars through the diaphanous sheers. "Starry Starry Night,” this romantic offering from interior designer Christopher Kennedy and lighting designer Susan Oster, conjures a seductive evening in a contemporary desert home. This gorgeous dress features Robert Allen, Imelda pewter satin and the wrap of Luminous  Ivory drapery material and is adorned with pleats and dozens of Terisina Graphite mini-tassels.

The drapes give way to the magic of the evening through the ethereal and subtly-textured sheers. Lighting designer Susan Oster brings the outside in with a constellation of twinkling stars. LED lights create the magical effect as they beckon us through the sheers, inviting us to the night sky.. Completing the model’s adornments are accessories from within the home…one inch glass mosaic Acobaleno tile bracelets, earrings and necklace catch and reflect just enough light to add to the mystery.

Photography by Gerry Maceda and Adrianne Bonafede

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