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Explore Palm Springs: Agnes Pelton

She settled in Cathedral City in 1932 and painted desert landscapes and transcendental abstractions.

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agnes pelton
Agnes Pelton settled in Cathedral City in 1932 when around 100 people lived in the area.

Like many artists and free thinkers, Agnes Pelton found the desert had a magical appeal.

Pelton wrote, “The vibration of this light, the spaciousness of these skies enthralled me. I knew there was a spirit in nature as in everything else, but here in the desert it was an especially bright spirit.”

She settled in Cathedral City, population around 100, far from most of civilization, in 1932. On the fringe in many respects, including now geographically, Pelton was a believer in numerology, astrology, faith healing and meditation. Like many female intellectuals and artists of the time, her single status made for speculation about sexual preference, or disappointment in love, or just avid devotion to career in a society that expected only devotion to marriage and family of women.

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Pelton painted both realistic desert landscapes as well as transcendental abstractions. Seemingly irreconcilable, the abstract paintings were personal and essential to her spirit and the landscape works celebrated the desert itself and earned her a modest living and a rich spiritual life, a combination imaginable only in the desert.

Her life and artistic talents will be celebrated during a one-woman play set for Nov. 11 at the historic home of Agnes Pelton in Cathedral City. For details, click HERE.

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