Agustin Aragon

Agustin Aragon: Vision 2018

Economic Development Associate, Coachella Valley Economic Partnership.

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Agustin Aragon
Agustin Aragon
Agustin Aragon

Economic Development Associate, Coachella Valley Economic Partnership

If the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership is the engine driving the local economy, then Agustin Aragon is its ignition. He’s on the front lines every day as an economic development associate, offering business workshops and expanding CVEP’s audience within the Hispanic community.

A valley native, Aragon joined CVEP with 14 years of military service and impressive academic credentials: two master’s degrees — and more on the way. “My degrees help me help my community,” he says. “My MBA gives me overall business management that I can pass on to starting businesses. With a master’s in finance, I’m able to help them have accurate forecasting. I’m currently working on a master’s in accounting, and that will help me further help my clients by being more accurate on their financial documents.”

After serving in the military for a decade, Aragon was eager to come home. He and his wife, a chef, enjoy the local restaurant scene, and the lifelong athlete also finds the time to play soccer, run, and do CrossFit.

“The Coachella Valley appeals to young professionals like myself because it provides that quality of life that you don’t get in large cities, and the economic scene is growing. It’s great coming back and being able to make a difference.”

VIDEO: Agustin Aragon says the valley appeals to younger working professionals.