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Stop the Stack

An outtake from our “Symbolic Assemblages” story highlights the power of a single book.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

towne palm springs

A guest in this guest room might be inclined to study the triptych of vintage portraits on the wall. The eyes of homeowners Brandon Hoskins and Stephen Wilson, however, go straight to the red hardcover book on the table. Allure by fashion expert, icon, and former Vogue editor Diana Vreeeland has inspired both gentlemen, who are principals of Wilson Hoskins Design and own the shop Towne Palm Springs in the Uptown Design District.

Primarily a collection of photography, the book is peppered with nuggets of wisdom from the once special consultant to The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art who is known for such quotes as, “There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration”; “Style — all who have it share one thing: originality”; and, “Prohibition. Insane idea. Try to keep me from taking a swallow of this tea and I’ll drink the whole pot.”

Allure has been an inspiration in design and the way we lead our lives,” Hoskins affirms. One significant book kept in plain sight beats a stack of them every time. Next to the tome is Hoskins’ own work, a piece of studio pottery.