America Martin Exhibition

J. Willott Presents America Martin Exhibition

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America Martin Exhibition
Josh Paquette, artist America Martin, and Josh Otten.

J. Willott Gallery hosted an extremely successful and well-attended America Martin exhibition Nov. 24. A Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles, Martin has expanded her well known painting and sculpture works to include new surprises in 3-dimensional art. As basis for her enigmatic works, America sites universal truth as inspiration for creating derivations in indigenous subject matter via the human form.

Martin’s work — and indeed her own personality — present a sense of enthusiasm and hope. While people are Martin’s primary subject, she does depict her artistry in abstract form. Color, texture, size, and shape all combine to present her signature work.

J. Willott Gallery opened in 2007 with a focus on museum-quality contemporary artwork from the country’s most accomplished artists. The gallery features a new 5,000-square-foot contemporary art space with 22-foot high ceilings, glass concrete floors, state-of-the-art lighting, and one of the region’s most highly regarded roster of artists.

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