Flying High at PSP

Palm Springs International Airport brings the world to the desert

Ann Greer History

It began as a single dirt runway in the 1920s, grew and changed with the city of Palm Springs, and now thrives as a chic, tourist-friendly airport with international connections.

Building a Future, Preserving a Past

Agua Caliente tribal members maintain a rich heritage and assert a progressive role in contemporary Palm Springs

Ann Greer History

As you drive through Palm Springs on streets named Ramon, Tachevah, Tahquitz, the legacy of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians appears omnipresent. And it should. Those names and many others go back generations, tracing to the Native American tribe that made Palm Springs and surrounding areas its home long before white settlers developed the city as a resort destination.

Men on the Forefront

Ann Greer History

The expeditions passing through the desert in the mid- to late-1800s saw only arid, barren land. It took vision and grit to see the possibilities of this land. What follows are some of the pioneering men who laid the foundation for today’s Palm Springs.

Give It A Rest

Your Body Needs Downtime To Keep You From The Physical Manifestations Of Exhaustion

Ann Greer

Though we may not lead the jet-setting lives of celebrities, we still face personal crises and demands on our time and attention that can leave us feeling drained.