Time Travel Trailers

Wanderlust renovates your way of thinking about trailer parks with this collection of gentle giants.

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Just when you thought it was safe to assume you’ve seen every type of boutique hotel in Greater Palm Springs under the sun, along comes something new. Except that it’s sort of old .. except in a fun way that marries creativity and convenience. Wanderlust, a collection of rebooted recreational vehicles and travel trailers tucked discreetly in the back of


White Party Palm Springs Gets its Om On

Yogi Master Francisco Ramos provides outlet for attendees to recharge over party-packed weekend.

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When somebody says White Party, yoga is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. After all, the May 5-8 event is billed as “the world’s hottest gay weekend of non-stop dance parties.” With eight parties packed into 72 hours, who doesn’t need an occasional respite from the dance floor? For the third consecutive year, wellness therapist and Yogi

the rossi

Retro Retreat

The Rossi revives a property with Palm Springs roots stretching back to the 1920s.

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Not new, but newly reborn. That characterizes several boutique hotels in downtown Palm Springs that have found new lives while retaining a touch of old Hollywood glamour and their Spanish Revival architectural style. The Rossi is a lush hideaway of cosmopolitan creature comforts in the heart of Palm Springs’ historic Tennis District. The suites-only property is the latest iteration of


A Rainbow Revelry

Cathedral City LGBT Days brings a mix of pop music divas, comedy, art, and more to its three-day celebration of diversity.

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It’s been 20 years since Ultra Naté first belted out the song “Free.” The intervening years have not worn out its message. “I was really targeting humanity with that song — we all have situations we can relate to and that’s really why that song has withstood the test of time,” she says. “It still resonates with people.” The platinum

Palm Canyon Drive

10 Must-Visit Addresses on Palm Canyon Drive

Visiting for the first time, or just haven’t been down the main drag lately? We’ve compiled 10 places you have to see.

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Palm Springs’ most popular byway is unquestionably Palm Canyon Drive, which traverses the low desert plain before abruptly turning into the palm-tree lined thoroughfare that hits the heart of downtown, with plenty of stops along with way. Read on for 10 of our faves: Today it’s known as the Palm Springs Visitors Center, but when this edifice with a spaceship-style


Where to Stay for Pride Weekend

5 Palm Springs Inns that Get the Gay Thing Right

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The heat-seeking wanderer for Palm Springs Pride Weekend might ask: Is Palm Springs’ reputation as a gay resort par excellence uniformly embraced? Everyone knows some rainbows shine brighter than others, and the whopping 25 or so gay resorts in the desert cover that spectrum. The sheer diversity of the getaway menu became clear when I tried with limited success to