Into the Swing

Delight in luxurious golf clubs without ever setting foot on the greens

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Cocktail camaraderie, restaurants with a view, big-game sports-viewing parties, free Wi-Fi, live music and theater, and even bingo put golf clubs on par with top-notch desert action. Best of all, you don’t have to know a birdie from an eagle — or even be a member — to partake of the posh pleasures and casual relaxation at Coachella Valley golf

Welcome to My Kitchen

For special guests, Palm Springs chefs serve up a dream: dinner among stoves and cutting boards

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In select restaurants, if you want special attention from the chef, the primo table sits not in front of a beautiful painting or in the center of an exquisitely appointed dining room but, rather, in (or slightly outside) the busy, pots-and-pans-filled, stainless steel kitchen.