Intelligencer – January 2010

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Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage was among the first four Good to Grow! Museums by the Association of Children’s Museums. The Rancho Mirage museum, as well as museums in Chattanooga, Tenn.; Bryan, Texas; and Rockford, Ill., completed a four-month review and were judged on their health-related practices.

In the Heat of the Night

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Like the shoemaker’s elves, bakers at Panera Bread work while you sleep. So even if you walk into the café and store when the doors first open each day, you’ll find an array of fresh breads, muffins, bagels, pastries, and cookies.

Pairing Ports

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Each Port house has a distinct style as to the level of sweetness, fruit, and acidity in its wines. However, in general terms, Paul Mugnier of Premium Port Wines in San Francisco says reserve-level Ports go well with a rich devil’s food cake, while a 20-year tawny pairs best with a black forest cake.

Forever Young

Susan Anton comes home for Christmas to perform with The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies

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Siting in her dressing room room after a May performance of The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, Susan Anton relaxes before what she expected would be an uncomfortable part of her guest-starring role.

Culture for All

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition

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The nonprofit Coachella Valley Housing Coalition mission to improve the lives of low-income families means more than satisfying its goal to put them into quality housing. It also introduces disadvantaged youths to opera and tennis, often considered pastimes for the wealthy.

Making His Mark

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Jim Casey emerges from his swimming pool sporting a dark suit, white shirt, red tie, and bowler. Defying the typical image of a wealth manager, Casey wears his sense of humor as well as the Magritte style associated with the branding of his company, Integrated Wealth Management.

PSST – Devoted to Dinah

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Jane Blalock, Julie Inkster, Sandra Palmer, Donna Caponi, Nancy Lopez, and Amy Alcott may be the names most Kraft Nabisco Championship fans recognize. But followers of the golf tournament should at least know Neil Golub’s face. The president/CEO of Price Chopper Supermarkets has played in the pro-am portion of the competition every year since the original Colgate Dinah Shore in 1972. He has been teamed with the aforementioned pros, as well as Dinah Shore — and won twice.