A Feast in Four Courses

Dine out with the best at the James Beard Luncheon.

Carolyn Horwitz Restaurants

Each year, Palm Desert Food & Wine hosts the James Beard Gourmet Four-Course Luncheon, 
featuring the offerings of leading American chefs.


Watch This Space

A tech startup has your casita covered.

Carolyn Horwitz Home & Design

Cover Los Angeles is designing its prefabricated backyard shelters, or “backyard living spaces,” in a very modern way: via algorithm.


Point of Entry

Architect Sean Lockyer’s Desert Palisades guardhouse is contemporary 
desert design in microcosm.

Carolyn Horwitz Home & Design, Real Estate

Located adjacent to the scenic route of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is Desert Palisades — what’s being described by developers as the city’s “last hillside community.”

modernism week architecture

New Face of Modernism Week

William Kopelk, the newly minted chairman, brings high passion to his position.

Carolyn Horwitz Modernism

ARCHITECTURE For a person who, at one time, pronounced Richard Neutra’s name as “Nootra,” William Kopelk has come far in the world of midcentury modernism. As the newly minted chairman of the board for Modernism Week, the landscape architect, interior designer, and zealous preservationist returns to the helm of the festival he co-founded in 2005. He’s working closely with Chris