A Feast in Four Courses

Dine out with the best at the James Beard Luncheon.

Carolyn Horwitz Restaurants

Each year, Palm Desert Food & Wine hosts the James Beard Gourmet Four-Course Luncheon, 
featuring the offerings of leading American chefs.


Watch This Space

A tech startup has your casita covered.

Carolyn Horwitz Home & Design

Cover Los Angeles is designing its prefabricated backyard shelters, or “backyard living spaces,” in a very modern way: via algorithm.


Point of Entry

Architect Sean Lockyer’s Desert Palisades guardhouse is contemporary 
desert design in microcosm.

Carolyn Horwitz Home & Design, Real Estate

Located adjacent to the scenic route of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is Desert Palisades — what’s being described by developers as the city’s “last hillside community.”