Be Like Water

A meditation in five parts.

David Ulin History

_ There is a photograph that captures the genesis of modern Southern California, the very instant the region comes into recognizable focus, the instant the place takes shape. The date is Nov. 5, 1913, and the image portrays William Mulholland speaking from a raised platform decorated in bunting as he dedicates the first Los Angeles Aqueduct. This is the moment

shade in california

Throwing Shade

Without a formidable contrast to unrelenting sunshine, time stops, washing out the comfort of relativity.

David Ulin Fashion & Style

I stopped wearing sunglasses the day I moved to Southern California. I had never been the most active wearer of sunglasses anyway. Something about the shade they offered cut me off, made me feel I had been removed in some essential fashion from my life. I remember once, in college, riding the bus in Philadelphia, wearing a pair of round