The Big Chill

Individual U.S. investors feel the tumult of the troubled Eurozone

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Until recently, when most Americans thought about Greece or Italy, they were planning cruises to the Greek Islands and wine-tasting trips through Tuscany.

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How’s the Market, Fred Fern?

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The financial industry touts Fern as one of the country’s top investment advisers. Barron’s ranked him fifth on its Top 100 Independent Advisors list for 2011.

Function & Flair

Designers raise the bar on kitchen design by combining the latest in color, cabinetry, and appliances

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There’s a reason that even the most lavish house parties often ebb and flow in and out of the kitchen.

WEALTH — Help for the Helpers

Small donations make a big difference as charities receive fewer major gifts

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Charitable organizations heed this proverb with great fervor as the unemployment rate remains high, stock markets swing, and the economy teeters.

Wealth – Luxury & Value

With inventory high and prices low, luxurious properties are finding buyers

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Bill Scheffler and Ann Sheffer of Westport, Conn., bought three luxury properties in Palm Springs over the last 18 months.

Wealth – Seeking Socially Conscious Returns

Expert advises caution: “Green” trend could fizzle like tech stocks

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As Earth Day (April 22) approaches, investors may hear more about “green” investing. Listen to environmentalists if you will, but also listen to wealth managers and other financial advisers.

WEALTH – Sex and the Stock Market

Wealth managers and advisers note gender differences in clients’ investment philosophies

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“Generally, a woman’s attitude toward investing is lifestyle-based, while men invest in terms of performance and numbers”